The secret story behind the filming is also revealed! Spring Drama “Behind the Scenes of the Bright and Dark Scenes” Which drama disappointed viewers the most? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The secret story behind the filming is also revealed! Spring Drama “Behind the Scenes of the Bright and Dark Scenes” Which drama disappointed viewers the most?

A battle of the "arafie" generation! Masaharu Fukuyama & Yo Oizumi vs. Takuya Kimura Kanna Hashimoto, Fuka Koshiba, and Nao ......

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Fukuyama, a blind agent known as “The Last Man” and the FBI’s trump card, and his buddy Oizumi, who supports him, take on a difficult case.

A producer at a key station commented on the spring drama, “In any case, the strength of the three “arafis,” Masaharu Fukuyama (54), Hiroshi Oizumi (50), and Takuya Kimura (50), stood out.

In fact, in both household and core ratings (ratings among men and women aged 13-49), “The Last Man – The Totally Blind Investigator” (TBS) and “Kimichika Kazama – Kyobo 0” (Fuji Television), in which the three actors appeared, finished one-two in the ratings.

In July, there is a big movie coming up in the same Sunday theater slot with Masato Sakai (49), Hiroshi Abe (58), Momori Matsuzaka (34), Koji Yakusho (67), and Fumi Nikaido (28) in leading roles, but “The Last Man” has not only Fukuyama and Oizumi, but also Yō Yoshida (49), Takaya Kamikawa (58), Mio Imada (26), and Ren Nagase (24) from “King & Prince” and “The Last Man”. It shows how much importance TBS places on the drama content.

The night before the first episode aired, Fukuyama and Oizumi made a live appearance on “Information 7days Newscaster” (TBS), which surprised the station’s employees.

The program was a promotion for the show because of the close relationship between them, Shinichiro Azumi (49) and Koki Mitani (61), the host of the show, and it was very unusual for Fukuyama and Oizumi to take over the show for three minutes from the beginning. The “Last Man” cast consists of successful actors and actresses, so the location schedule is very demanding, but in between, they focus on the advertising. The two leads and Yō Yoshida get along well with each other, and their love of variety has also helped.

The popular variety “Matsumo to Nakai” (Fuji) started on April 30. The second episode of “Last Man” was broadcast at the same time as the first, and although it fell behind in core viewer ratings, it won in household figures. I am not worried because it also surpassed in individual viewer ratings (viewer ratings for all family members aged 4 and older in the household),” he said. The interesting nature of the drama is loved by people of all ages,” said a TBS employee, proudly.

A senior executive at a commercial broadcaster said, “I saw the determination of Fuji’s new president, Koichi Minato, in bringing Kim Tak to “Tsuki 9” on the 65th anniversary of the station’s opening, a milestone year in which the company cannot lose.

Mr. Minato, who revived the popular late-night show of yesteryear under the name “All Night Fujiko” and even made a live appearance himself, is probably aiming to revive the good old Fuji icon “Geki 9″ brand. From street advertisements to morning information programs and variety shows, the promotional activities of Kimutaku and the other cast members have been quite egregious. The publicity team must be relieved that “Kimochika Kazama” is off to a good start.

A film adaptation has already been decided, and the staff at the production company is putting a lot of effort into it, saying, “The film will be cranked in June.

With “The Last Man,” Nagase will appear in two consecutive drama series. He plays a hairy police inspector whose father is a deputy director of the National Police Agency.
Unlike the SP drama “Kyobo”, “Tsuki 9” mainly features Kim Taku. This is his first collaboration with Yui Aragaki (34), who plays a rookie detective.

Kanna Hashimoto, 24, of “The King’s Dedication” (TBS), is not to be outdone when it comes to actors who are valued for their roles in TV commercials.

Kanna Hashimoto can get good numbers in both variety and information programs. JUMP’s Ryosuke Yamada (30) is second to her in this series, and there are three other Johnny’s celebrities in the cast, but she is one of the rare ones who doesn’t get complaints from fans even when she co-stars with Johnny’s.” (A senior entertainment industry executive)

Fuka Koshiba (26) broke new ground with her role in “Nami yo Kikinasake” (TV Asahi).

She plays a blonde woman who talks too fast and is very sharp and wonderful. The drama has a light touch, but Koshiba’s addictive, chatty performance will lift your spirits,” said writer Kumao Oyama.

Nao (28), who is attracting attention in the industry as “steadily rising to the top” (broadcaster), is in “Even If You Don’t Do It for Me” (Fuji), in which she is in love with an adult who is forbidden to be in love.

The drama takes a head-on look at sexlessness, and features fine performances by Nao, Takanori Iwata (34), and Eita Nagayama (40). Those who have experienced it will find their hearts aching, and there are decent scenes of both the thrill of encounters and eroticism. Produced and directed by the staff who made a splash with “Daytime Faces,” the fact that it has gone from an adultery drama to a sexless drama is a sign of the changing times,” said Oyama.

TBS and Fuji are not the only stations focusing on drama production. TV Tokyo has renewed its only drama series slot in the golden time slot (7-10 p.m.) as “Drama 8. The first drama is “Lawyer Sodom” by Sota Fukushi (29) and Hyunri (36).

Fukushi was involved from the preliminary stages of the script production. His suggestion that a story related to fraud would be interesting became the axis of the project. Fukushi’s performance, in which he uses both his front and back faces, and Genri’s passionate character with a strong sense of justice, which is a departure from his previous cool roles, are fresh” (Miho Kuwata, a writer who covers many dramas).

Hashimoto on location for “The King’s Dedicated Ring Finger” near a park in Tokyo. Passersby couldn’t help but turn their heads to see her smile bouncing in the dark night.
Koshiba, who has become accustomed to seeing the blonde hair in “Nami yo Kikimete” (Listen to Me, Wave), said, “This film has broadened my range of roles. The broadcaster said, “This film has broadened your range of roles.
In “Even if You Don’t Do It for Me,” Nao beautifully expresses the sorrow of a wife whose husband refuses to have sex with her and the sex appeal of an adult.
Lunch scene with Reina Takeda (25). Minami Tanaka (36) also gives an impassioned performance as a wife who is “lesbian.
Fukushi (left) and Genri on location for “Sodom the Lawyer. The scene is “a good place for the actors and staff to exchange ideas” (Mr. Kuwata).

TV Asahi’s Challenge and Nippon TV’s Strategy

TV Asahi revived for the first time in 57 years the Sunday night 10:00 p.m. slot drama “Sunday Night About…” with an original script by the great Keiwa Okada, starring Nana Seino (28) in the lead role. The drama depicts the friendship of young women who feel crushed by a sense of stagnation, but Mr. Kuwata laments, “It’s a pity because expectations were so high.

In addition to Seino, the cast includes Yukino Kishii (31), who is inundated with offers to appear in the series; Meru Nukumi (21), who is popular among young viewers; and veteran actress Eimi Wakui (52), but while some viewers expressed sympathy, saying “It sticks,” others said it was “too hard” and expressed their desire to leave. I feel that there will be a hopeful development in the future, but I want to watch something cheerful and happy at least on Sunday night before the week starts. If it were on another day of the week, I would think of …….” (Mr. Huwada)

TV Asahi’s challenge is also appreciated by some.

The fact that they brought a full-fledged love suspense series featuring Mitsuki Takahata (31) and Kei Tanaka (38) to the same slot where they had previously aired “Forensic Woman” and that they decided to air season 2 of “Keiji, Kenji, and Sometimes Hanzi,” a drama series that was in jeopardy due to Masahiro Higashide’s (35) infidelity, is also something to be commended by some. The reason for the decision to air the second season of the drama, “Keiji to Kenji, Sometimes Hanji,” which was in jeopardy due to Masahiro Higashide’s (35) infidelity, was to attract younger viewers. The number of “Sunday Evening…” is struggling, but it is a strategy to “go for the money” by frequently featuring sponsors (such as 7-Eleven) in the drama. When will these strategies come to fruition? (Producer, key station)

The same producer said, “You can see Nippon TV’s clever strategy” in “But There’s Passion” (NTV), in which Kaito Takahashi (24) of KIMPURI plays Masayasu Wakabayashi of Audrey and Shintaro Morimoto (25) of SixTONES plays Ryota Yamasato of Nankai Candies.

Nippon TV’s signature morning program “Sukkiri” has come to an end. Yamazato has been appointed MC of the newly started “DayDay. The aim is to boost the drama and get numbers while gaining recognition as a new face in the morning. I sense an atmosphere of support from the entire station.

The fact that the drama productions themselves are struggling is a sign of a schemer’s error.

Dramas are being reevaluated as excellent content in the TV industry. Relying on ″compasses″ such as viewer ratings and distribution play counts, producers are groping their way to the finish line.

Keiji to Kenji, Sometimes Hanzi,” in which Kenta Kiritani (43) plays a hot-blooded detective is up in both household & core numbers. Distribution is also doing well.
A scene from the location shooting of “Sunday Night About…”. Onlookers watched the scene where Seino comes out of the apartment complex and straddles a bicycle.

From the May 26, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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