Besides Papa’s activities… Inappropriate use of “genderless toilets” by “Toyoko Kids” has become even more extreme. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Besides Papa’s activities… Inappropriate use of “genderless toilets” by “Toyoko Kids” has become even more extreme.

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Gender-less restrooms at the Kabukicho Tower

On May 4, “FRIDAY Digital” published an article titled “‘Gender Restrooms in Kabukicho Tower Have Become a ‘Papa Activity Site’ because ‘Hotel Fees are Wasted’! On social networking sites, celebrities pointed out the problems facing gender-restrooms one after another.

However, Tokyu Corporation and Tokyu Recreation, which operate the Kabukicho Tower, did not respond to the article and have remained silent, although many replies were sent to the official Twitter page of the Kabukicho Tower.

The current state of the gender restrooms appears to be more crowded than it was just after the opening of the flaming operation, with dozens of men and women lined up from the entrance to the exit of the gender restrooms.

They also said, “Is this the genderless restroom? Let’s go in for a commemorative visit,” many users simply looked inside the gender-less restrooms.

Because of this situation, I thought it might be difficult for the tohyoko kids to use it as a papa activity site, but that did not seem to be the case, and a reporter for a national newspaper said that it seemed to be used as a papa activity site just as it had been immediately after the fire.

The reporter said, “Certainly it seems to be difficult to use during busy times, but little has changed in terms of measures against inappropriate use of the restrooms, other than reducing the number of gender-less toilets after the fire.

They attract customers through social networking sites such as Twitter, and the amount of time spent in the restrooms is probably short, making it difficult to take countermeasures, since the amount of time spent in the restrooms is also negotiated through Twitter.

In addition, more and more men are hanging around the vicinity of the restrooms for the purpose of picking up girls, in addition to the Toyoko Kids. So far we haven’t achieved our goal of having restrooms that are safe for all to use.”

Although there has been a lively discussion on social networking sites about the genderless restrooms themselves in the wake of this report, the Toyoko Kids involved do not seem to be concerned at all.

When we asked some of the to-yo kids who were playing near the Kabukicho Tower, they said, “What?

They said, “Oh, I don’t know anything about it. I have no idea. I didn’t know they used it that way. Maybe I’ll give it a try (laughs).

I always use the toilets in the Kabukicho Tower, but I hear that there are more and more people like that [who use the genderless toilets to play with their dads], so I use the toilets on the other floor.”

When I tried to use the restroom there, an old man who was fiddling with his cell phone nearby kept staring at me, and it was creepy.

It seems that they do not have good feelings about gender-less toilets. In the midst of all this, the site of papa-activities by some of the tohyoko kids is getting closer and closer to the street.

Neither the “Toyoko Kids” nor the “Dad” side has any money. So they used to use cheap hotels and rental spaces, but since they can no longer afford them, they are now using less expensive and less public places such as restrooms and back alleys, as they did this time.

The government is also concerned about their behavior and periodically arrests them en masse, but this does not solve the fundamental problem of not having a place to stay, so they soon gather again.

Kabukicho Tower was built as the site of the former Shinjuku TOKYU MILANO under the concept of “taking over the entertainment aspect. After receiving government approval, various events are being held as a “National Strategic Special Zone Project” under the title of “Creation of an Urban Tourism Hub,” and many people visit the tower every night.

You don’t want to feel scared or uncomfortable in a place where people go to make memories of fun events. Consideration for the original purpose of the project, to “leave no one behind,” is now required at the Kabukicho Tower.

Tokyu has remained silent after the news report…
The black mark in the photo is a gender-neutral restroom.
The pattern was hard to make out, and many people stopped to check.
A tavern on the same floor had a beautiful neon light
It seems that late at night, the restrooms cannot be used without receiving a card key from a nearby shopkeeper
A view of the Kabukicho Tower
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