A 32-year-old Stabbed a Woman in a Brothel in Yoshiwara Because He was Ignored! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 32-year-old Stabbed a Woman in a Brothel in Yoshiwara Because He was Ignored!

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Imai suspect named woman he stabbed to death multiple times since last March

A female employee was stabbed by a man.

It was just before noon on Children’s Day when a 110 call came in from a brothel in Taito Ward, Tokyo. When police officers arrived at the store, they found a woman lying on her feet in a private bathroom. In a nearby elevator hall, a man was bleeding from the stomach.

On May 13, the Asakusa Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Yutaka Imai, 32, a contract employee of a security company, on suspicion of murder. The cause of death was massive blood loss.

The suspect appears to have stabbed Ms. A to death with a survival knife he was carrying. He probably tried to commit suicide. After the crime, he stabbed himself in the stomach about 5 cm deep. The police waited for Imai, who was hospitalized, to recover before arresting him on the 13th, eight days after the incident.

Let’s take away his life.”

Did he build up a one-sided grudge against her because she refused his reservation (some photos have been edited)?

The suspect Imai admits to the crime, saying, “I have no doubt that I killed the woman.” His motive was one-sided and self-serving.

We know that the suspect Imai had visited the brothel where Ms. A worked multiple times since last March. Each time, he had requested Ms. A. However, in January of this year, Ms. A told him, ‘He can no longer make reservations.” Some kind of trouble must have occurred, and the suspect was banned from the brothel.

On the day of the crime, Imai made a reservation at the restaurant using a false name and a cell phone different from his own. He even disguised himself so that the waiter, who was a familiar face to him, would not recognize him. He said, “I was told that I couldn’t make an appointment at short notice. I felt a desire to kill her because she was leading a glamorous life, while I was living a life with no future. I wanted to take away her life.”

What was Imai’s uncertain life like?

Imai was born in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture. In high school, he was a homecoming club member and played video games all the time. After graduating from high school, he worked for a local company and moved to Tokyo several years ago. In Tokyo, he worked as a contract employee for a security company and lived in the company dormitory, but he had little communication with those around him.

When other employees greeted him, he usually ignored them, and he always seemed to have a gloomy impression, as if he was constantly worrying about something. He probably did not have many friends with whom he could talk about his problems. Perhaps the only thing he looked forward to was going to brothel and meeting Ms. A, whom he liked.

No matter how big a problem a person may have, it is never a good reason to take someone’s life. The police are now investigating the detailed reason why Imai was banned from the brothel.

He said he had little communication with those around him (some photos have been doctored).
The crime was premeditated, as the suspect made reservations under a false name and prepared a survival knife (photo partially doctored).
The brothel in Yoshiwara where the incident took place (photo has been edited)
The brothel in Yoshiwara where the incident took place (photo has been edited)
The brothel in “Yoshiwara” where the incident took place (photo has been doctored)
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