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Why Mone Kamihiraishi’s exposure is decreasing!

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While her younger sister Moka’s exposure is increasing, her older sister Mone’s media exposure, including TV, is drastically decreasing

The media exposure of Mone Kamihiraishi (25), a promising young actress who had been shining brightly, has been decreasing. In 2008, she appeared in three dramas, including “Koi ha netsudo yo dokodemo” (TBS), her first starring drama in the prime time slot. In 2009, she starred in NHK’s morning drama series “Come Come Everybody.”

On the other hand, her younger sister Moka (23) is showing signs of a breakthrough, with three drama appearances scheduled for this year alone. A writer for a TV magazine commented, “Moka is going to appear in a drama series in January.

Moka has appeared in two serial dramas, “Metropolitan Police Department Outsider” (TV Asahi) in January and “Pending Train – 8:23, Tomorrow with You” (TBS TV) in April, each as the heroine. On the other hand, Ms. Mone has no regular appearances in serial dramas at this time. Of course, drama is not everything, but my impression is that she does not have the same momentum as Moka at this point in her career.

Moeon has been completely overtaken by her younger sister in terms of TV exposure. Will she be overtaken by her younger sister and disappear from the stage? However, there is no need to worry. A source in the entertainment industry reveals, “It is true that she has been a regular in serial dramas.

It is true that she has not appeared regularly in serial dramas, and in that respect her exposure on TV has decreased. However, I think she is aiming to broaden her activities outside of TV. First of all, as an artist, she held her first Nippon Budokan live concert in January, and the tickets were sold out. In March, she held her first Billboard Live concert in Tokyo and Osaka, which was a great success.

She is also doing very well as a stage actress.

In March, she was cast in a double role with China Yabiku (28) in the musical “Jane Eyre,” which was held in Tokyo and Osaka and was a great success in both cities. In addition, a revival of the stage play “Spirited Away,” in which he starred with Kanna Hashimoto (24), which drew a great deal of attention, has just been scheduled. They are further expanding the scope of their activities.

Mone has achieved success on stage and as a singer, while Moka has made her breakthrough as an actress on TV. The sisters seem to be getting along well with their differentiation in exposure, but the reason for this is said to lie in the role model of a certain popular actress sister.

The first example that comes to mind is the Hirose sisters, Alice Hirose (28) and Suzu Hirose (24). The younger sister Suzu made her breakthrough mainly in TV dramas, but later the older sister Alice also broadened her activities in variety. It can be said that the sisters’ success was due to the fact that they utilized each sister’s individuality and set up a strategy that successfully prevented them from being covered by each other. Using this successful example as a model, we believe that at this point in time, when Moeon has been launched in a big way and has built a solid position, the company is now pushing Moeuka harder. The recent decrease in Moeon’s TV exposure can be said to be the result of the agency’s desire to give each of the sisters a break.

The Kamihiraishi sisters continue to be active on different stages. The Kamihiraishi sisters have been active on different stages of their careers, and their rapid progress is likely to continue.

Moeon at an interview for the musical “Jane Eyre” in March. Her presence shone brightly on stage.
Mone smiles alongside double cast members Yahiku China (left) and Inoue Yoshio (center).
[Image] Mone Kamihiraishi has been overtaken by her younger sister, Moka, but… where is she now?
[Image] Mone Kamihiraishi has been overtaken by her younger sister, Moka!
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