Nozomi Sasaki’s “begging pose in a red tight-fitting onesie” makes fans happy…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki’s “begging pose in a red tight-fitting onesie” makes fans happy…!

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Sasaki during her attendance at a film festival (AFLO)

Actress and model Nozomi Sasaki has been getting a lot of attention for her “burgundy dress and begging pose photo” on her Instagram account. She was wearing a one-piece dress designed to fit her body line, and comments such as “nice looking,” “I love you,” “cute,” “you are a great beauty,” and “I’m melting~” poured in.

The photo seems to have been taken on the set of “Sutekini Handmade”, an NHK E program where Sasaki has been the MC since April this year.

According to the program’s website, “Knitting, sewing, embroidery… ‘Sutekini Handmade’ is a program that conveys the joy of handcrafting in an easy-to-understand way. Each episode is presented by a front-line handmade instructor. The instructors, who are at the forefront of the handmade industry, come up with their own ideas for the program, and teach how to make handmade items in a fun way. The program is aired every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on NHK E.

On the occasion of her appointment to the program, Sasaki said, “I’m very happy to be the MC of ‘Sutekini Handmade’. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved doing handicrafts, and whenever I went to a department store, the first place I would go to was the handicraft shop. I’m really looking forward to making various handmade products that are unique to the world! It’s been half a year since she first appeared on the program, and she has become quite familiar with it.

Sasaki was wearing a burgundy and white long-sleeved dress. She was wearing a burgundy and white long-sleeved dress, which was designed to fit her body line and accentuate her good looks. She was also wearing brown shoes, giving her a very autumnal look. What’s noteworthy in this photo is Sasaki’s pose. With her hands clasped around her chin and her face slightly tilted, she is posing as if begging for a favor. This must have killed her long-time fans instantly. It’s a very “cute” photo!

Sasaki’s stage show “Drunken Angel” had its closing night and she seems to have settled down a bit. I wonder what she will do next. …… I can’t take my eyes off Sasaki any more!

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