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Cha Kato, Who Wants to be Popular, Energetically Appears on TV and Radio

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Mr. and Mrs. Kato coming out of the radio station. Kato with his shapely posture.

When you reach 108 years of age, it’s called “Chaju,” or “longevity. When you reach 108 years old, it’s called “Chaju,” and I’m going to work until I reach that age.

Cha Kato (80) is in good spirits. He appeared on the May 5 broadcast of “Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Sake no Tsumami ni Naru Hanashi” (Fuji Television Network) and responded to Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto (59), who is rumored to be retiring at age 65,

He said, “You announced that you will retire when you turn 65. Is it true?

He asked him a direct question. He then went on to explain the reason for his decision,

I want to be popular. I want to be onstage and get a big bang, and then die when I get into the sleeve.

I want to be moving all the time. I want to be popular. I want to go out and have fun, and I want to be unfaithful.

The studio was filled with laughter.

When he appeared on “Tsurube no Kazoku ni Cheers to My Family” (NHK Sogo) in June 2002, his apparently lifeless facial expression and slurred speech led to speculation that he was seriously ill. His wife Ayana (35), who had been married for three years at the time, also became a target of criticism for her strong language and attitude toward Cha Kato, and many viewers must have felt that Cha Kato could no longer be active on the public stage. However, the reason for this was that the medication prescribed after her aortic dissection surgery did not suit her, and it was learned that Ms. Ayana was desperately nursing Ms. Kato back to health.

On April 19, Kato and his wife appeared on “Fumio Takada’s Radio Beverly Lunches” (Nippon Broadcasting System). Ayana again reported that she had obtained a nursing care helper level 1 certification for Kato in ’22.

She said, “I feel like a mother. I dream about it. When my water broke and I was born, it was Kato. I dream so much. This dream. This is how maternal I feel.

“Really…? When your water breaks, it’s me?”

Yes. I came out as Kato-chan.

“I came out as I am now? That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Their dialogue was like a married couple’s comic dialogue, perfectly in tune with each other. After the live broadcast, Kato walked out of Nippon Broadcasting System, his steps light and full of life, leaving Ayana behind.

Last October, Mr. Nakamoto Tsutomu, a member of The Drifters, was killed in a traffic accident, which came as quite a shock to Kato. Mr. Kato was quite shocked. He and Boo Takagi (90) had just promised to work together again. Various reports about Mr. Nakamoto’s younger wife also made him reaffirm the “marital bond” between them. I think their collaboration will increase in the future.

Although it is highly unlikely that Ayana will join Drifting, “husband-and-wife comic dialogue” may be a possibility.

Kato coming out of the radio station
Kato quickly walks ahead, leaving Ayana behind.
A gait and sharp eyesight that belies her 80 years of age
Kato leaving the gym with her personal trainer (Sept. 10, ’21 issue)
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