Even with three regular appearances now… Ruriko Kojima’s counterattack is about to begin! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even with three regular appearances now… Ruriko Kojima’s counterattack is about to begin!

She used to be the number one female celebrity in terms of TV appearances.

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She got a lot of attention for her “self-deprecating talk.” ・・・・・・

TV personality Ruriko Kojima (27) has become a hot topic for her self-deprecating comments.

This is the first time I’ve been able to get a chance to see her in person. (Nippon Broadcasting System), in which she is a personality with Masakazu Mimura of the same agency, she admitted that “I know what you mean” about some of the comments made by listeners to Kojima, such as “the way she adds bragging in her stories,” “the high-handed way she talks,” and “the way she declares her own side of the story in emails for advice. She also revealed that she doesn’t have many female friends in her age group, and seems to be aware of her unpopularity and lack of acceptance among women.

It is true that she may have lost the momentum she had when she became the number one female TV personality in 2003. She is not only a visual talent, but also a good talker and an intelligent person, and at that time she was also an MC for sports programs as well as variety shows.

According to the Horipro website, Kojima currently has three regular TV appearances. It is also somewhat sad to note that Fuji TV is a late-night program and the remaining two are MBS TV in Osaka and NHK E-TV. A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper pointed this out.

“It seems like the scandals are taking them downhill fast, because they were so popular. It was the same with Becky. Likeability is a two-way street.

Their love affair came to light in August 2008, when a weekly magazine reported that Kojima was having an affair with Yasuhisa Hara, the creator of the popular manga “Kingdom. Originally, Kojima was a fan of “Kingdom,” and in January 2007, he was interviewed on “Sekai Fushigi Hakken! (TBS) broadcast in January 2007, Kojima visited Hara’s workplace, and the two had a conversation, which later developed into a relationship.

(TBS), Kojima visited Hara’s work place, and the two had a conversation, which later developed into a relationship. However, since Hara had a wife and three children, the Internet was ablaze with rumors that Kojima was having an affair with Hara. After the weekly magazine’s report, Kojima admitted to the relationship on the radio, but he also complained about the slander against him on SNS, which in turn poured oil on the fire.

Mr. Hara later announced on Twitter, “I divorced in March of this year. He added, “I didn’t face my ex-wife who supported me properly, and I couldn’t take care of my family. I take it very seriously and deeply regret that I have hurt the people around me because of my insincere behavior,” he wrote.

On the other hand, there is almost no evidence that Kojima talked about the “affair”. A staff member of a commercial TV station’s information program said.

“It is believed that Mr. Hara had been dating Kojima before his divorce from his ex-wife. It is believed that their marriage had already broken down before the divorce was finalized, but even so, dating a man with a wife is risky for a female entertainer. It could be said that Kojima didn’t give enough consideration to that.

Later, the two broke up, but Kojima never made an official comment. The staff member mentioned above also pointed out that

“I think Kojima’s response made her seem like a strong woman, which caused her to suffer in the future. If I had to use an analogy, I’d say it’s similar to an honor student in class who makes a small mistake that causes her to drop down the school caste rankings.

Kojima is also a highly ambitious celebrity. When appearing in sports programs, she was always willing to gather information and do on-the-spot interviews. That’s why she was well received by the staff. However, in the midst of a headwind, his ambition seems to be a bit of a bruise, and his accumulated knowledge seems to be seen from a higher perspective. She may become a woman who tries to make herself look better than necessary.

In this situation, a good reaction, which had been appreciated in the past, will be negatively evaluated as “deliberate,” and a high level of commentary will become “cocky.

A program producer at a TV station said.

“Sponsors hate complaints from viewers the most. If it’s a one-of-a-kind job, I’d cast a younger female talent who doesn’t have a negative image.

Nevertheless, there have been some recent success stories of women who have taken advantage of the bruising nature of women, such as Ayaka Hironaka of Teresa. Kojima may not have done any data marketing either, but in a talk variety show broadcast in July this year, she nakedly revealed that she had broken up with Hara and that she was also considering marriage. In a talk about premarital sex, she said, “I do it before we start dating. If you don’t, you can’t have a relationship.

“There are still headwinds blowing, so while there are some people who approve or disapprove of this statement, there are actually many TV station staff members who have high hopes for Kojima now that he’s made up his mind.

In order for female entertainers to continue to sell, they need to have “talent power. For a female celebrity to continue to sell, she needs to have “talent power,” which means quick thinking backed up by a wealth of knowledge and intelligence. And since Kojima has such a high level of talent, I hope she will show us a new, brushed-up side of herself.

  • Reporting and writing Taro Aoyama

    As a reporter for a sports newspaper, Taro Aoyama covered a wide range of topics in the entertainment industry, including music, movies, and television. Currently writes as a freelance writer.

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