Ruriko Kojima Past Romance with Kanjani Murakami and Her Secret Marriage to a Young Company President! Photo Collection of her Past Romances Inside! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ruriko Kojima Past Romance with Kanjani Murakami and Her Secret Marriage to a Young Company President! Photo Collection of her Past Romances Inside!

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Secret karaoke meeting with Shingo Murakami after the breakup report (’19 Feb. 15 issue)

On February 16, Bunshun Online reported that Ruriko Kojima (29) had gotten married in March of this year. Her partner is Gouta Kitamura (27), president of “Habitat,” a company involved in sauna and other businesses. He is two years younger than Kojima, and after the marriage, Kitamura is said to have taken the surname “Kojima.” Furthermore, it is said that Kojima has already resigned from HORIPRO, to which she has belonged since her debut. When Bunshun inquired about the details of their marriage, the company replied, “She left at the end of February, so we cannot discuss it due to privacy policy. The office’s official website still had her profile as of 8:00 p.m. on February 16.”

Speaking of Kojima, she ranked first in the female talent category in terms of the number of appearances on TV in 2015, and she received high marks for her on-the-spot reporting on the Upper House election in 1016 and the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election in 2017. In the same year, she was also assigned to report live on “Ikegami Akira’s General Election Live” (TV Tokyo), where she was accurate, easy to understand, and cute, and her calm and collected response was regarded as better than that of local announcers, and she was even called “Kojiri Musou” by a sports newspaper reporter.

Kojima’s unrivaled talent is not limited to her reporting. Kojima’s “muso” status was not only as a celebrity, but also in her love life. In 2014, this magazine reported Kojima’s first romantic scoop, a “Ginza date” with a male model, and three years later, it reported her “super-secret sleepover love” with Shingo Murakami (41) of “Kanjani Eight” fame. Let us take a look back at the images of Kojima that we have taken so far.

Kojima’s “super-guarded lover’s sleepover” with Shingo Murakami of “Kanjani Eight fame.”

At the very same time that Kojima was being called a “Kojiri-Muso” (a Japanese word for “Kojiri Warriors”) due to her highly acclaimed live report on “Ikegami Akira’s General Election Live,” she was also doing very well in terms of her love life. Kojima went to Murakami’s luxury apartment in central Tokyo two or three times a semi-month. One Saturday, for example. Kojima returned to Tokyo immediately after finishing a morning live broadcast in Osaka. A little after 6:00 p.m., she took a cab to a kaiseki restaurant near Roppongi. After finishing the meal, she took a hired car to a bar in Shirokane. It was past 1:00 am when the party ended. Kojima went to Murakami’s apartment.

On another occasion, Kojima and a staff member from his work had a long night of drinking until after 3:00 a.m., then went home and took a cab to Murakami’s apartment. Murakami, on the other hand, would return home at least 30 minutes before Kojima’s arrival to prepare for his visit. The two were busy juggling their work with a variety of other activities. No matter how tired they were, they wanted to see each other as long as they had time. Six months later, however, they broke up.

“Kojima had become talk of the town because of her comments, but it was not a good idea to make enemies with Johnny’s and Murakami’s fans,” said an agency official. The people at the office said so and recommended that Kojima be separated from Murakami, but she refused to budge, saying, ‘I can’t help what I like. However, Murakami, who was the key person in the relationship, backed down.

However, a year later, they were back together. In January 2019, this magazine scooped the scene of a late-night secret meeting between the two at a karaoke bar in Tokyo. At the time, a source said of the couple

When Friday took a picture of them staying over, they were probably not dating yet. Kojima had just gotten her heart broken and was talking to Murakami about her love life. As Murakami listened to Kojima’s story, he fell in love with Kojima and the rest is history. However, Murakami is a popular figure in Johnny’s. She didn’t want to make any unnecessary enemies, so after much thought, they started dating on the condition that they would not admit to dating even if they were photographed. Recently, they have been seeing each other frequently, and they often use the private karaoke room.”

However, the couple broke up without a trace.

Later, Kojima was reported to be romantically involved with Yasuhisa Hara, the author of “Kingdom” (Shueisha). Kojima’s work declined sharply as a result of the affair. It is no secret that she has never recovered.

“According to media reports, the period between meeting and marrying her husband, Mr. Kitamura, was short, and Mr. Kitamura is planning to expand his business to China, so people on social networking sites are saying that Kojima is very determined and a matchless woman when it comes to love. Since she is a quick-witted and strong-willed woman, there is a good chance that she will be successful in China in a few years, or that she will make a comeback as a celebrity,” says a source at an entertainment agency.

(A source at an entertainment agency), predicting that she will eventually make a comeback. Kojiri-Musou was not a feat.

Drinking yakitori with Anne Nakamura (back) (Aug. 22, ’14 issue)
Shopping date with model Robin. This was Kojima’s first love scoop (Sept. 26, ’14 issue).
Shopping date with model Robin. This is Kojima’s first love scoop (Sept. 26, ’14 issue).
On the street in front of Nippon TV before heading to the location (April 22, 2016 issue)
Shopping in Omotesando (July 15, 2016 issue)
Commuting to Shingo Murakami’s apartment (November 10, 2017 issue)
Shingo Murakami in love with Kojima (November 10, 2017 issue)
Seen in her Rugged but refined outfit. (March 30, 2018 issue)
Shingo Murakami at a secret karaoke party with Kojima (February 15, 2019 issue)
Shopping at a supermarket in Hiroo (July 5, 2019 issue)
Kojima when she was reportedly in love with Yasuhisa Hara (September 25, 2020 issue)
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