The Truth Behind Hotaka Yamakawa’s Alleged Sexual Assault and the Unpredicted Response of Seibu to One of its Ace! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Truth Behind Hotaka Yamakawa’s Alleged Sexual Assault and the Unpredicted Response of Seibu to One of its Ace!

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Hotaka Yamakawa of Seibu, a slugger enough to compete in the WBC. The impact of the news report has been great, but…

The indecent assault of Hotaka Yamakawa of the Seibu Lions, who also participated in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), has caused a stir.

According to a May 11 report in Bunshun Online, Yamakawa sexually assaulted a female acquaintance in her 20s at a Tokyo hotel in 2022, and a police report was accepted as a case of indecent assault. Ms. A, who was treated roughly, bled, and is said seeking a punishment toward Yamakawa.

The Seibu baseball team, where Yamakawa is a member, said they have received reports of trouble, but have now left the matter to their agent. Yamakawa admitted that he and Ms. A had a sexual relationship, but he strongly denies the forcible part of the story.

Yamakawa has a wife and child, and their eldest daughter is still young. In a direct interview with Bunshun, he repeated his claim that it was consensual, but he admits to being at fault for the affair itself. Yamakawa is a brand player for Seibu. He should be a role model for children who aspire to become baseball players.” (baseball reporter for a sports newspaper)

It is good that he did not run away from the Bunshun reporter’s direct interview, but going back through the timeline, one cannot sense any sense of urgency as a party to the scandal.

The article was published on Bunshun Online on the 11th. The reporter’s direct interview was given on the evening of the 9th.

Despite this, Yamakawa started the next day’s game against Lotte at “No. 5, first base” and hit a timely double to right field in the fifth inning to spark a counterattack.

Yamakawa has been in a slump since the start of the season and has not hit a single pitch so far; he returned to the lineup on May 2 against Nippon Ham after an adjustment to the second team in April due to a lower-body strain. The reason for his failure, ‘lower-body strain,’ is now being teased on the Internet.

In this game,

Yamakawa said, “I hit a straight ball. I’m glad I hit it!”

Yamakawa’s cheeks relaxed as he said this.

On the 9th, the day before the game, Yamakawa also spoke of his goal to break out of his slump.

I often feel like I can hit a home run. That’s the kind of things that comes out of my brain, I suppose.

I’d like to hit about 40 runs. Whit that, I think there are only a few games left. However, Raoh (Orix’s Yutaro Sugimoto), who currently ranks first in home runs, has hit 40 several times, and if he hits at that pace, he will lose, but he is currently out (with a flesh injury), and considering that his highest home run total for the season is 32, I think he still has a chance.

Even though the trouble with Mr. A has not surfaced, he is talking about a “bright future” while being questioned by the police.

It would be fair to say that this is the strong mentality of a professional athlete, but deep in his heart, he must have thought that “things would turn out all right.

As if to confirm this, the team’s response was also backward.

On the 11th, the day the Bunshun article was published, Yamakawa was used in the first game, and the team was very disappointed. The team, in a panic, announced on the following day that Yamakawa would be sent down to the second team. The reason given was:

“He was removed from the lineup due to his condition, based on an overall assessment.”

The baseball reporters were harsh in their criticism towards Yamakawa.

“Yamakawa was talking about how he felt he was getting back on track just before the announcement,” said a baseball reporter. Everyone thought, “No, no, that is impossible!” But in contrary, the “baseball village” including Seibu announced the drop down without hesitation.

The reporters in charge are proud of the fact that they are covering baseball, so it is difficult for them to get into private matters. During the season, they may be banned if they write anything inappropriate. This is especially true for popular baseball teams such as the Giants and Hanshin. This is why baseball players are under the illusion that they are protected, and this makes them more aggressive.

If they are able to reach a settlement, they will be fired, but if negotiations break down, there is a possibility that the police will take action. In this day and age, sexual assault is a major blemish on one’s career. If the baseball team is perceived to be covering up the incident, it may cause fans to turn away.

What will Seibu and Yamakawa do now?

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