Kentaro Ito is now her “closest male friend”? Maika Yamamoto’s “beautiful belly” on location. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kentaro Ito is now her “closest male friend”? Maika Yamamoto’s “beautiful belly” on location.

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The day started early in the morning on location, and the entire time Yamamoto was filming scenes of her peeking down from the hallway of her apartment!

On May 5, Maika Yamamoto (25) appeared on the runway at “Rakuten Girls Award 2023” held at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium in Tokyo. She wore a colorful short length top and pants set-up that showed off her toned stomach. She charmed the audience with her “Luda Heart” pose, in which she made a heart on her cheek with one hand.

This magazine had witnessed Yamamoto’s “belly flashing” in person a month earlier. The drama “I’m Back! Kotaro Lives Alone” (TV Asahi).

The location shooting that day started early in the morning in a rented steel-frame apartment in a residential area. Eito Kawahara (9), who plays Kotaro, leaves for school with his school bag on his back, and Yamamoto waves him off from the second-floor hallway with a smile and a “go away! Yamamoto, who plays the role of a former cabaret girl, was wearing a red top and jeans, but even here she showed a glimpse of her beautiful belly.

Yamamoto gives a glimpse of her beautiful body, smiling and waving from the hallway of her apartment.

On the day of the shoot, the lead actors, Yutaka Yokoyama (42) and Katsuhisa Namase (62) of “Kanjani Eight” were also present, and the shoot went on for a long time until the afternoon. The weather was fine, so the other actors stayed in their costumes outside of the show, but as soon as the camera stopped on Mr. Yamamoto, the staff rushed to him to put on his bench coat. In the morning The wind was a bit chilly in the morning, so it might have been cold in that costume,” said a neighborhood resident.

This drama is a sequel to “Kotaro Lives Alone,” which aired from April to June a year ago in the same TV Asahi Saturday midnight slot.

Based on a popular comic of the same title written by Mami Tsumura. Kotaro is a 5-year-old boy who lives alone and moves into the room next door to Kano, an unsuccessful manga artist played by Yokoyama. It is a heartwarming comedy about Kano, who grows up as an “adult” through his encounter with Kotaro, and the residents of the apartment surrounding them. The previous series was TV Asahi’s highest-rated drama in this slot. The second series is also doing well with 440,000 Tver subscribers. In the previous series, Ms. Yamamoto was a cabaret actress plagued by her ex-boyfriend’s domestic violence. Now she plays the role of the neighbor sister who is good at making sweets and adores Kotaro,” said a TV station official.

In February, it was reported that Yamamoto had broken up with actor Kentaro Ito (25), with whom she had been in a relationship.

In February, it was reported that Yamamoto had broken up with Kentaro Ito, 25, an actor with whom she had been in a relationship. Last January, the Weekly Bunshun reported that Yamamoto went on a date with Hiro (29) of “MY FIRST STORY” at Disneyland. It was also written that Yamamoto thought Hiro was his new girlfriend, but in fact, after the date, Yamamoto met up with Ito and took him to his apartment. Later, in February, Yamamoto visited Ito’s apartment again, this time with a supermarket shopping bag in hand, as reported in Josei Jishin (entertainment reporter).

Despite the twists and turns of Ito’s accident, suspension, and return to work, Yamamoto never left Ito. After all the twists and turns, one would have thought that he and Ito were back together again, but the reality is quite different.

Now they are completely separated,” he said. However, even though they have broken up, there is no doubt that they are still friends who go back and forth to each other’s rooms, but they are not lovers.” They are probably the closest of friends. Yamamoto has already moved on to her next relationship, and is currently looking for a good partner. Perhaps because she once said, ‘I want to be married by the time I am 25,’ she is choosing her boyfriends with marriage in mind.

I wonder if her private life is going as well as her professional life.

She was all smiles during the photo shoot.
From her Instagram
From her Instagram
From her Instagram
  • Photo by Yuri Adachi

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