Crying and getting angry…” People are worried that Takashi Tachibana is having a “mental breakdown” due to the “family turmoil” in the former NHK party. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Crying and getting angry…” People are worried that Takashi Tachibana is having a “mental breakdown” due to the “family turmoil” in the former NHK party.

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Takashi Tachibana, whose party’s infighting has left a tail between his legs. Will he be able to rebuild…

Angry and crying…

There are concerns about the mental state of Takashi Tachibana, who has been heating up day after day due to the family feud in the Political Women’s 48 Party (formerly the NHK Party), from all quarters.

The infighting, which began with the expulsion of the Gershey suspect, is currently a bee-line between Ayaka Otsu and Takashi Tachibana for the position of representative. Tachibana’s side, speaking by the numbers, forced a general meeting of the party on May 10, and as a result of a vote by party members, Kenichiro Saito, secretary to Holliemon (Takafumi Horie), was elected as the new representative. Whether or not this is effective depends on the future situation, but at least the party succeeded in making it an established fact that many party members “chose” him.

At the general meeting, Mr. Tachibana reflected on the history of the party’s formation.

He said, “Tachibana said he was leaving or getting out, but together with Takashi Tachibana, we made it into a party that is recognized by the people…”

But I wanted to create a party that would be recognized by the people together with Takashi Tachibana…,” he said. He even looked up at the ceiling, and real-time viewers commented.

Tachibana-san is crying!

and “Mr. Tachibana is crying! A sports newspaper reporter in charge of politics, who covered the event, said, “Mr. Saito said, ‘I’m not a member of his family.

The scene where Mr. Saito asked, “Is this a time for fighting among ourselves?” and Mr. Tachibana nodded tearfully was impressive. Mr. Tachibana is a man who originally took on the fight against NHK alone.

From there, he made friends and has now become a national political party. Perhaps he was remembering the hardships he went through in that area.

On the other hand, his “passionate” side, in which he threatens to blow up media reports by threatening lawsuits, is still present.

It all started with an article in “NEWS POST SEVEN” distributed on May 9. According to the site, a woman who had relied on Mr. Tachibana for help with a male problem in the past filed a damage report with the Chiba Prefectural Police against him, claiming that the content of her consultation was “exposed” on YouTube and other media without her consent.

Tachibana immediately responded on Twitter

I will immediately file a lawsuit against this bullshit article in court!

on Twitter. In response to this, Mr. Tachibana immediately declared on Twitter, “I will immediately file a lawsuit against this bullshit article in court!

Since he quoted such a bullshit article, I have decided to file a lawsuit against Mr. Hiroyuki Nishimura, who has the power to spread the news, instead of filing a lawsuit against a weekly magazine!

he declared.

In a direct interview with the aforementioned Post Seven, Tachibana described the accused woman as “something strange,

If a woman is suing, there is no problem at all. It’s probably a false accuser, or someone who says she was assaulted by a man. So you are saying that you defamed the girl. Yes, yes, I understand.”

I understand,” he replied.

This is not the response of a former leader of a national political party, is it? First of all, I think he should be accountable to the press. But he is trying to suppress them by flashing the lawsuit at them, which makes me feel that he is in a hurry. It’s as if he lacks composure…” (A source in Nagata-cho)

On the same day that the political women’s party held its general meeting, Otsu’s side also held a press conference in Tokyo to once again investigate the party’s opaque flow of money and to file a criminal complaint against Tachibana,

“We are already working with the police to file criminal charges against Tachibana.

The police are already working with him to file criminal charges against Tachibana.

It remains to be seen whether the police will actually act, but it is possible that there are many aspects of Tachibana’s side that he does not want made public. The No. 2 politician in the party, Hotaka Maruyama, recently announced his resignation from his post, and it seems that some people around Tachibana have begun to “evacuate” him early.

Hopefully, Mr. Tachibana’s mental condition will not deteriorate further…

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