Behind the tumultuous earthquake of Johnny’s’s empire, Ken’ichiro Mogi criticized the “acclaimed → academic-level” criticism…the “flip-flopping” within the industry that has begun. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the tumultuous earthquake of Johnny’s’s empire, Ken’ichiro Mogi criticized the “acclaimed → academic-level” criticism…the “flip-flopping” within the industry that has begun.

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Johnny’s’s president Julie Fujishima (left) and Kenichiro Mogi (right) apologize for Johnny’s’s sexual assault.

I think the talent at Johnny’s has done a wonderful job and has brought dreams and joy to the fans.

This is part of what brain scientist Kenichiro Mogi wrote on Twitter in 2007. At first glance, it appears to be a harmless tweet of praise, but Mogi is now under fire over Johnny’s.

Mogi took to Twitter to discuss the May 12 broadcast of “NHK News Good Morning Japan,” which featured young people aspiring to become idols.

TBS News 23 reported on the Johnny’s office yesterday, and NHK also reported on various topics in the morning, but nothing on the “Honesty Idol” topic, which is a very insignificant topic. (Original text.)

The worst aspects of Japanese idol culture, including the Johnny’s’s office, are being broadcast without any kind of criticism. NHK needs to change. NHK needs to change.

NHK needs to change.

He continued,

The problem with Johnny’s is that the media has been degrading the level of entertainment in Japan by broadcasting the performances of young boys who can’t sing or dance well at school arts festivals as “stars” and appointing them as MCs for TV shows and leading roles in major TV dramas, while the same is true of Mr. Johnny’s. I want the media to do it.

He was also a fierce critic of the Johnny’s office and the Japanese entertainment industry as a whole.

The Johnny’s office has publicly expressed its views on the past problems with Mr. Kitagawa, and some news programs have picked up on them. However, the issue of Johnny’s idols is completely different from the current turmoil, and it would be wrong to suddenly turn on NHK and criticize the content of their special feature.

By that logic, every time we do a program on Johnny’s, we have to mention the past problems as well. That is not possible, because there is the purpose of the project.

In response to Mogi’s assertion, the general public commented

“Recently, the level of singing and dancing has been getting higher and higher.

Some users have responded, “Can you say the same thing in front of the fans you really love and the people who are saved every day by Johnny’s performances?

Some have even objected to this.

Mogi, however, has been known to tweet about Johnny’s talents in the past.

I had the pleasure of seeing Arashi’s 15th anniversary concert “Digitarian” at the Tokyo Dome. Thank you to Arashi, Johnny’s Junior, and all the staff for a wonderful performance. (December 24, ’14)

The talents of Johnny’s have done a wonderful job and have brought dreams and joy to the fans. Among them, we all know how big SMAP is. I think the fans were hoping to see the former members of SMAP continue to be active in a different form. (July 19, ’19)

The contradictions in his statements have been pointed out one after another, and he is now under fire.

Mogi used to appear on TV often as a brain scientist, but recently he has only appeared on TOKYO MX and other TV programs here and there. In the past, he caused controversy when he said, “Terrestrial TV is wacko. This time, too, he may be trying to stand out by picking a fight with NHK and Johnny’s. ……

However, on the 14th, the president of Johnny’s, Keiko Fujishima apologized for the “sexual assault” of Mr. Kitagawa in a video on the official website of the company. This unusual response is evidence of the tremendous turmoil within the agency since the BBC reported on the issue in March.

Mogi’s statement may have been just a “whim,” but it is likely that other talents will show disrespect to Johnny’s. In fact, the “sexual assault scandal” has been a major source of concern for the Johnny’s office. In fact, the “sexual assault scandal” has undoubtedly reduced their influence. This is a sign that the talent, TV stations, and other entertainment production companies that have been “disciplined” by them will begin to “flip their hand” within the industry.

Until now, the allegations of sexual assault by Janie Kitagawa have been “swept under the rug. Will Johnny’s be able to be reborn?

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