The Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto, who was banned for “malicious yelling,” and Seibu’s Hotaka Yamakawa, who was banned for “indecent assault,” were caught in the crossfire of the “indecent assault” report. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto, who was banned for “malicious yelling,” and Seibu’s Hotaka Yamakawa, who was banned for “indecent assault,” were caught in the crossfire of the “indecent assault” report.

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Seibu’s Hotaka Yamakawa (right) is causing a stir in the baseball world. The Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto (left) has had his past scandals rehashed…

Another scandal involving the lower half of the body in the world of baseball.

This time it is Hotaka Yamakawa of the Seibu Lions, a member of the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which ended in March, and who contributed to the team’s victory.

According to a May 11 report in Bunshun Online, he sexually assaulted a female acquaintance in her 20s at a Tokyo hotel in 2010, and the police accepted his report as a case of indecent assault. Ms. A, who was treated roughly, bled and is said to have feelings of punishment toward Yamakawa.

On the other hand, the Seibu baseball team, where Yamakawa is a member, said that they have received reports of trouble, but have now left the matter to their agent. Yamakawa admitted that he and Ms. A had a sexual relationship, but he strongly denies the “forceful” part of the story.

Yamakawa, by the way, has a wife and child. Yamakawa has a wife, whom he married in 2005, and a young daughter.

Yamakawa has already reported the “affair” to his wife.

She was very angry with me.

But fans were disappointed by the off-the-field ugliness. A professional baseball reporter for a sports newspaper said

He is a representative player of the Lions. He will be an FA after this season, but since his private life has been exposed, no team is likely to take him. On the contrary, if he is prosecuted and convicted, he will surely be banned from the baseball world.

He also pointed out, “In the meantime, a series of media reports have been making the rounds.

Meanwhile, one of those “dragged down” by a series of news reports is Hayato Sakamoto of the Yomiuri Giants, who was reported to have had an “abortion trouble” last September.

The epicenter of this story was also Bunshun Online, which reported on the Yamakawa scandal.

Last September, Bunshun Online reported on Giants player Hayato Sakamoto’s unprotected abortion troubles with his former girlfriend. Which claim is correct, Yamakawa’s or Ms. A’s?

The company was notified.

Sakamoto had an ongoing physical relationship with a woman in her 20s whom he met more than two years ago, demanding extreme play and sexual intercourse without contraceptives. He also encouraged her to use the after-pill and forced her to have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant.

The team did not ask any questions because he had already settled the case with the woman, but it is a negative thing that every time Yamakawa’s troubles are reported, Sakamoto’s case is brought up again as a comparison.

Although the Yamakawa case is clearly different from the Yamakawa case, in which a damage report has been filed, Sakamoto’s feelings may not be at peace. Sakamoto’s age is wearing him down, and his pitches are not flying forward as much anymore. He has been ashamed of the fact that this was reported in connection with his “abortion trouble.

In the off-season, he worked hard and declined to join the WBC Samurai Japan team, which he would have normally been selected for. This year is regarded as the most important year of his career,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

In fact, Sakamoto was sluggish at the beginning of the season, but his form has been on the rise recently, and he hit his 423rd double in a game against DeNA on November 11, surpassing the “Sadaharu Oh of the world” as the all-time leader in doubles, and ranking sixth all-time alone. After the game, Sakamoto said

I have another game tomorrow, and I think this kind of result is the result of that kind of accumulation, so I want to make sure I’m prepared for that,” commented Sakamoto.

I want to be prepared for that. Current Chunichi Dragons manager Kazuyoshi Tachinami leads the club in doubles with 487.

Sakamoto will turn 35 this year and is entering the final stages of his career. Depending on his performance, he may surpass Tatsunami’s record of 487.

The baseball team is hoping that Sakamoto will leave his name in the record books as a player at least for the last time. At the stadium, some spectators yell at him using the power word “ass-ana” that was used during the “abortion trouble,” but the baseball team calls on spectators to behave in a manner that is appropriate for the game. The team is prepared to issue a ban notice to any malicious spectator.

(Sportswriter) “Will Sakamoto be able to play with a normal mind even though he is being punished by Yamakawa?

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