Shinichi Takeda’s personality is revealed by his immediate response. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shinichi Takeda’s personality is revealed by his immediate response.

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Announcer Takeda leaving Nippon TV on a late April afternoon.

No good… I’m supremely nervous and it’s no good.”

(NTV), a morning information program that began broadcasting on April 3. Shinichi Takeda, 55, who retired from NHK at the end of February this year, made his first appearance as the “ face of TV Asahi, and was so nervous that it was hard to believe that he was a former ace of NHK. Even on the next day’s broadcast,

I saw many words of encouragement and appreciation from acquaintances and friends. However, I also heard some harsh comments on the Internet, such as, “The set-up was not well done,” and “Mr. Takeda is too rigid. We will make improvements from now on.

He made the studio feel at ease with his apology, as if he were from NHK. It was late afternoon in late April when I spotted Takeda near Nippon TV. She was probably on her way home after finishing a live broadcast. Takeda was walking alone with a backpack and a colorful bag in her hand. A few hours later, Takeda updated her Instagram. She posted a photo of herself drinking a beer on the open terrace of a cafe,

I had a free afternoon after a long time, so I went to a café at the station and had a beer while watching people on the street. Sinking into the buzz of the city calms me down. Thank you, everyone. No one cares about me. Well, no one cares. I neither like nor dislike Tokyo, but it is a relatively comfortable place.

He reported that he was enjoying his first rest in a long time.

In the April 11 issue of “Flash,” Takeda was seen wearing a leather jacket to work, and the public was surprised at the gap between her stiff image and that of her colleagues. Furthermore, on the same day, Takeda Anna updated her Instagram and posted an image of herself wearing a leather jacket and playing a bright red electric guitar. A photo magazine sent me a hidden picture of him wearing a leather jacket, so I decided to post a cooler version! I’m going to make it even cooler! This was an exquisite turn of phrase that, in addition to the gap between the two, caused Takeda’s fan base to increase dramatically.

After that, she seemed to have relaxed and began to have light-hearted exchanges with her partner Ryota Yamasato (46). So how does Takeda feel about his current situation? When we requested an interview, Takeda himself immediately called the editorial office.

-I have the impression that you have been very active, unlike when you were working at NHK. How do you feel now that you are freelance?

Basically, nothing has changed, and I am enjoying my work every day just as I did at NHK.

-When I was at NHK, I had a strong image of you as a very serious and steady person. I had a strong image of him as a very serious and solid person when he was at NHK, whereas now he wears a leather jacket and plays music, and I get the impression that he is a very open-minded person.

I am still associated with the image of an NHK announcer, so I am very grateful if viewers feel that way about me. (laughs) I’m just a regular old guy, just like everyone else.

-You were drinking beer from noon at the cafe.

I went home that day and went for a walk because it had been a while since I had been able to relax. After all the hard work I had done, I went for a walk and had a beer at a café somewhere…It was the most pleasant feeling. You understand, don’t you? This is just an old man starting a second life and enjoying his daily life.

-What has changed the most since your days at NHK?

Nothing has really changed since I was at NHK. I am blessed with the work I do and the people I work with. I am truly grateful for that.

-How do you feel after a month of working on “DayDay.

All the staff are working very diligently with Mr. Yamasato and Ms. Kuroda (NTV announcer Miyu Kuroda, 24) to provide good products. Now that Corona has become a Class 5 company, we are able to go outside more freely, but I think there are many people who work remotely or are unable to go outside for various reasons. I do my best every day to help bridge the gap between those people and the outside world, even if it is only in a small way, and I hope that I can be of some assistance. I would be very happy if I could help the program even a little by having Friday report on it. I look forward to your continued support.

After all, Takeda is noordinary man. He is a solid, hard-working person whose personality is sure to win the hearts of viewers.

Beer at a cafe after a walk (from his Instagram @raspberrydrops)
His favorite leather jacket and electric guitar (from his Instagram @raspberrydrops)
Reporting on the collaboration between the Giants vs. Hanshin and “DayDay.” (from his Instagram @raspberrydrops)
From his Instagram
From his Instagram
From his Instagram
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