Takashi Tachibana, in the middle of a trial over a “family feud” over the party, enjoys a luxurious night surrounded by beautiful women at a club in Aoyama. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takashi Tachibana, in the middle of a trial over a “family feud” over the party, enjoys a luxurious night surrounded by beautiful women at a club in Aoyama.

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Mr. Tachibana chatting with beautiful women in front of a club in Aoyama on a GW night

On a night in the middle of GW, a short-haired man is looking around in front of a famous club in Aoyama, Tokyo, holding a smartphone in one hand. He seems to be meeting someone, and his blue Y-shirt and Ukrainian flag tie look good against the nighttime cityscape. After a while, a beautiful woman with long hair and a pants suit appeared, smiled at me, and we walked into the restaurant together.

About an hour later, the man I mentioned earlier emerged from the store with the beautiful woman in question. He was accompanied by a woman with a short bob and several men. The group crossed the crosswalk and entered a ramen shop on the other side of the street.

At the ramen shop, of course, Mr. Tachibana paid the bill.
He and the beautiful women were full and happy!

About 40 minutes later, the group emerges from the restaurant. The young man bowed to the short-haired man and said, “Thank you for the food.” The short-haired man nodded his head in a nonchalant manner and disappeared into the night with the beautiful woman with long hair.

The person who enjoyed the GW Saturday night was Takashi Tachibana, 55, founder of the “Politician Girls 48 Party” (formerly the NHK Party).

Tachibana enjoyed himself at the party, which featured famous artists, professional baseball players, and even idols. The party was mainly attended by women in their 20s and 30s, and Mr. Tachibana seemed to be enjoying himself surrounded by them,” said a party participant.

Surrounded by beautiful women, Mr. Tachibana had a big smile on his face. ……

In fact, just prior to this event, on April 27, a dispute over the right to represent the “48 Politician Girls Party” was being held at the Chiba District Court. The second leader of the party, Ayaka Otsu (30), had filed a provisional injunction with the Chiba District Court to confirm her position against Tachibana, who is represented by Kenichiro Saito (42), a member of the upper house of the Diet. The reason why Chiba was chosen as the venue was because the party headquarters is located in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture. On that day, Ms. Otsu did not appear in court, but later submitted a written rebuttal to the Chiba District Court, stating that she would file a written rebuttal by May 2. Mr. Tachibana, on the other hand, has also filed a written rebuttal by May 12, so a decision is not expected until May 15.

The recent local elections were also tough on the party,” Otsu said. Otsu ran unsuccessfully for the Meguro Ward Council seat in Tokyo, while filing a provisional injunction with the Chiba District Court. So there were more than 80 candidates in the race, leaving a split, but only four were actually elected. The cause of the split was probably the disputes between Mr. Tachibana and Mr. Otsu, which drove away their supporters. Mr. Otsu has done many things that have drawn the ire of those around him, such as posing as “JoOusama” on his YouTube channel the other day. Those on Otsu’s side are scratching their heads.

The “family feud” has become a complete mess, with both sides claiming to represent the same party, and not even a clue to a solution has been found yet. Jun Kitajima, a professor of political process theory at the Graduate University of Social Design, also commented on the situation.

The series of developments can be described as ‘infighting over party representatives,’ but national political parties are allowed a high degree of autonomy and, in principle, should be left to autonomous resolution within their own ranks. ……

Why are they so smug in the midst of a court case?

Looking back at the history of the case, the absence from the National Diet of former Upper House member Yoshikazu Azumaya (51) Gershey became a hot topic in March of this year. He was supposed to apologize on the floor of the Diet, but he missed the March 8 plenary session of the House of Councillors, and was expelled from the Diet on the same day. Taking responsibility for this, Tachibana resigned as party leader. Otsu became the party’s representative, saying, “From now on, it’s up to young women to lead the party. The name of the party was changed to “Political Women 48 Party. On April 7, however, Ms. Tachibana insisted that Ms. Otsu be expelled from the party, saying that she was not strong enough to lead the party, and announced that Ms. Saito would become the new representative and that she herself would assume the position of party leader without the right to represent the party. On the same day, Otsu denied on his Twitter account that he had resigned as party leader.

With both parties claiming to represent the party since April, the “family feud” escalated into a legal battle. The Chiba District Court was involved in a “representation dispute,” and both sides also flirted with criminal charges. The reporter pointed out that the Metropolitan Police Department may have lost patience with this series of events, and continued, “Mr. Gershey has been accused of libel and slander, and has been accused of having a relationship with the police.

Mr. Gershey is wanted internationally on four counts of defamation, extortion, obstruction of business by force, and habitual threats under the Violent Acts Punishment Law, but he has yet to show any signs of returning to Japan. It is said that the police, whose reputation has been shattered, are considering an investigation of Tachibana and others involved in the case to find out who helped him to escape from abroad.

Originally, the group was called “Destroy NHK! and had garnered votes with its easy-to-understand message. With the current turmoil, it is becoming difficult to know what the party wants to do. The time for the new party to be “destroyed” may be approaching while he is having fun with beautiful women at a club.

I’m sure they don’t have time to have fun with beautiful women. ……
  • Photo by Yuri Adachi

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