Nightlife is back! Yusuke Iseya “drinking with beautiful women in the Azabu area”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nightlife is back! Yusuke Iseya “drinking with beautiful women in the Azabu area”.

One year and two months after being arrested for violating the Marijuana Control Act, Nishiazabu → Meguro → Nishiazabu

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Yusuke Iseya followed the beautiful woman and left the third bar. The time was already around 1 a.m., but he got into his car and headed for the fourth bar.

It had been a year and two months since his arrest for violation of the Marijuana Control Law (possession). One year and two months after his arrest for violating the Marijuana Control Law (possession), one of the most popular men in the entertainment industry has finally returned to the nightlife.

A little after 1 a.m. in early November, three beautiful women emerged from a members-only bar near the Meguro River that is frequented by celebrities. Following them was the actor Yusuke Iseya (45). He wore his characteristic short hair, black sunglasses, and a white jumper over his 180cm tall body.

Iseya looks like he is in a good mood because he is holographically drunk, but in fact, he has already been to three restaurants. He had dinner with a friend at a sushi restaurant in Nishi-Azabu (Minato-ku) around 7:00 p.m., and then went to a hidden bar in Meguro (where the beautiful women joined him). After that, he went to a bar in Meguro.

“This night, Iseya was having a party with a friend of his who he met through his hobby of snowboarding. It seems that his friend gathered all the ladies.

After leaving the third restaurant, Iseya said.

“After leaving the third restaurant, Iseya said, “Just get in.

After leaving the third restaurant, Iseya escorted the women to a car parked in front of the restaurant. The next stop was Nishi-Azabu again.

As a man of color who has been involved with a number of female celebrities such as Masami Nagasawa and Hikari Mori, the reporter’s expectations were high that he would go to a fourth restaurant with beautiful women. However, the women got out of the car in the middle of the tour, and the group unexpectedly broke up. Iseya went to the fourth restaurant with a male friend.

On October 13 this year, Iseya launched a new fan club. He has been gradually resuming his activities, such as posting on Instagram, which had stopped since his arrest. Is he going to be offered an acting job?

“Iseya was arrested in September last year and sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for three years. It is unlikely that he will return to TV, where compliance is very strict, at least until his probation is over. However, producers of movies and stage shows have already expressed their desire to use Iseya. Considering that Pierre Taki, who was arrested for cocaine use in March 2007, participated in the filming of Netflix’s “The Naked Director 2” about a year after his arrest, it is quite possible that Iseya will also make a comeback early next year’ (key station drama producer).

In a media interview this spring, Iseya said, “If I’m allowed, I’d like to work as an actor. Is the day of his return as an actor near?

In mid-September, he went out on a skateboard. He seems to be enjoying his private life, going camping with his beloved Hiace.

From “FRIDAY” November 26, 2021 issue

  • Photo by Takayuki Ogawauchi, Kojiro Yamada

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