Shoigu! Where’s the ammunition?” and other abusive comments from executives… Russian private military company suspected of using “inhumane scorched-earth bombs in Ukraine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shoigu! Where’s the ammunition?” and other abusive comments from executives… Russian private military company suspected of using “inhumane scorched-earth bombs in Ukraine.

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Prigozhin bitterly criticized Russian military officials in a video (PHOTO: Kyodo News)

The man continued to shout at the camera in a form of indignation.

You guys are sitting around in your fancy clubs, watching YouTube and having a good life. But we are 70% short of ammunition! Shoigu (Russian Defense Minister)! GERASIMOV (Chief of General Staff)! Where is the ammunition? If we had ammunition, the death toll would have been cut by a fifth!

The video statement abusing the military leaders was released on May 5 by Prigozhin, founder of the Russian private military company Wagner. He declared that if the situation of ammunition shortages did not change, he would withdraw from Bakhmut, a strategic point in eastern Ukraine. However, two days later, on August 7, he posted on a social networking service that he had been promised a supply of ammunition and weapons that would allow him to continue fighting.

President Putin had reportedly ordered Wagner to take control of Bamkhout by May 9, the anniversary of the victory over Germany. However, the Ukrainian army’s fierce resistance made it difficult. Therefore, Mr. Prigogine blamed the military leaders in a video that he deliberately released to the entire world. It is said that he avoided responsibility because of the shortage of ammunition,” said a reporter from the international section of a national newspaper.

Incendiary bombs were also used in the air raid on Japan.

The Ukrainian military released this video showing Bakhmut under attack by Russian forces. Multiple white lights and pillars of fire can be seen.

Hunted down, “Wagner” leaves no means unturned. In Bakhmut, an inhumane scorched-earth operation is reportedly underway. In a video released by the Ukrainian military, which appears to have been shot when Bakhmut was attacked by Russian forces, white light is seen pouring from the sky and pillars of fire are seen rising from all parts of the city.

The Ukrainian authorities claim that the Russian troops used incendiary bombs. Incendiary bombs are bombs with ignitable fuel inside that, when used in large quantities, can cause massive fires. People near the point of impact suffer carbon monoxide poisoning and their skin is cruelly burned off. During World War II, the U.S. military used these bombs in air raids over Japan, and now international law restricts their use in densely populated areas.

Wagner, through its affiliated media outlets, has stated that “rocket-propelled grenades were used to fire incendiary bombs. It is not only incendiary bombs that Ukraine condemns the use of.

It is white phosphorus. White phosphorus is an inhumane chemical that can set large areas on fire. It is highly adhesive and ignites when exposed to oxygen, reaching a combustion temperature of 800°C. When it adheres to the human body, it is difficult to peel off and causes serious damage, and can ignite again when the bandage over the affected area is undone.

It is a cruel weapon, the use of which in areas where civilians are present is considered a war crime. The Russian authorities deny using the weapon, saying that they have never violated international regulations.

The use of inhumane weapons has been alleged by the hunted-down “Wagner”. On May 8, Prigogine boasted on social networking sites that only “2.37 square kilometers” remain of the Ukrainian military-controlled area in Bakhmut.

  • PHOTO Kyodo News

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