Kevin Costner, the “10 billion in alimony to his ex-wife” Kevin Costner, the “price” he will pay his wife in his upcoming divorce with 30 billion in assets. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kevin Costner, the “10 billion in alimony to his ex-wife” Kevin Costner, the “price” he will pay his wife in his upcoming divorce with 30 billion in assets.

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Kevin Costner was in attendance with his wife, Baumgartner, at the ’22 Academy Awards. ……

Kevin Costner, the American actor known for his role in the movie “The Bodyguard,” is ending his 18-year marriage to his wife Christine Baumgartner, a former model and bag designer.

The estranged Baumgartner filed for divorce in court on May 1 (local time), citing “irreconcilable differences.

The U.S. magazine PageSix and other news outlets reported that Baumgartner was “dissatisfied” with Kosner’s “obsessive-compulsive work ethic” and lack of respect for her family.

Baumgartner wanted to spend family time at their home in Santa Barbara, California, but during filming, Kosner was hardly ever home. Her husband’s absence was very difficult for her,” a source said.

The source said.

Despite knowing that his wife was unhappy, Costner was “preoccupied” with filming “Horizon,” a movie he directed, wrote, produced, and starred in, in southern Utah from August to November last year. It seems that she couldn’t just “stay at home with a healthy husband.

He became one of Hollywood’s top stars when he was chosen to star in “The Untouchables” (’87), and went on to star in “Field of Dreams” (’89), “The Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston ( He starred in a string of hit films, including “Field of Dreams” (’89), “The Bodyguard” (’92) with Whitney Houston, and Oliver Stone’s “JFK” (’91), which investigated the truth behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

He also directed and starred in “Dances with Wolves” (’90), which won the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director, but the blockbuster “Waterworld” (’95) did not perform as well as expected, and from 2000 onward he had no major hits. He has not had a major hit since 2000.

However, in 2006, “Yellowstone,” a neo-western drama series in which he starred and executive-produced, became a huge hit and rekindled Costner’s popularity. In addition, filming has begun on a new movie, “Horizon. According to a source, “Cosner hasn’t been home much for quite a while. He’s in demand right now.

The couple married in September 2004 and has three children, Kayden (16), Hayes (14), and Grace (12). Each has requested joint custody.

Kosner married Cindy Silva, whom he met at California State University, in 1978, and they had three children, but divorced in 1994 after an affair was discovered during the filming of “Waterworld.

At that time, they reportedly paid $80 million in alimony. Because of that bitter experience, when he remarried Ms. Baumgartner, they signed a prenuptial agreement to decide the division of property in the event of divorce before they married.

The prenuptial agreement includes provisions regarding “peculiar property” (property owned separately by the couple prior to their marriage, rather than property shared by the couple), and includes a clause that Ms. Baumgartner must vacate the Santa Barbara house that is Kosner’s peculiar property, according to the report.

Kosner’s assets are said to be worth $250 million, and Ms. Baumgartner, a co-founder of a handbag company and a former model, is estimated to have assets of $7 million (about $950 million).

Ms. Baumgartner is said not to be seeking spousal support, but her lawyer

However, her attorneys argue that “spousal support is payable to the petitioner (Mrs. Baumgartner) in accordance with the terms of the parties’ prenuptial agreement.”

She argues that she is not seeking spousal support.

In any event, under California law, income earned during the marriage is considered a common asset of the couple and is to be split in half. But thanks to the prenuptial agreement, Kosner will not have to pay the huge alimony that he paid his ex-wife. ……

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