Yusuke Iseya’s “premature” return to acting was backed by strong support… “Actresses are not interested in working with him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yusuke Iseya’s “premature” return to acting was backed by strong support… “Actresses are not interested in working with him.

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Yusuke Iseya was arrested for marijuana possession in September ’20. When he was released, he bowed to the media. ……

There seems to have been a reason for his premature return to acting.

Yusuke Iseya, who was arrested for marijuana possession in September 2008, is reported to have returned to acting. In December of the same year, Iseya was convicted and sentenced to one year in prison with a three-year suspended sentence.

According to “Smart FLASH” distributed on May 8, Iseya will appear in a supporting role in the movie “Penalty Loop” to be released in March ’24. Filming has already started, and Iseya is said to be participating.

Iseya is still on probation. There is an unwritten rule in the industry not to participate in filming until the probationary period is over,” said a source close to the film.

The film is being produced by Kino Films, a film company owned by the Kinoshita Group, known for its Kinoshita Construction Company. The company’s president is Naoya Kinoshita, a close friend of Iseya’s both publicly and privately.

When I heard about this combination, it made sense,” said Kinoshita. Mr. Kinoshita had been supporting Mr. Iseya before the incident.

He was so taken with Mr. Iseya’s humanity that he invited him to many of his home parties. He must have supported Mr. Iseya’s rehabilitation even after his arrest.

Kino Films occupies a unique position in the film industry.

Kino Films is called the “last paradise” in the film industry because it does not have to keep a close eye on its finances.

The reason they brought in Iseya without waiting for his probation to expire was because of Kinoshita’s enthusiastic offer.

Kinoshita is not concerned with gossip or scandals, but looks at the actor’s acting ability and human qualities,” he said. He is also fond of actor Kentaro Ito, who was arrested in October 2008 for violating the Automobile Driving Punishment Law (negligent driving manslaughter) and was later indicted. Eventually, he and Iseya may be able to co-star together.

Iseya’s company, which he established as a result of the incident, is nearly 100 million yen in debt, which he and his co-president split 50 million yen with each other to repay the debt.

He and the man who was his co-president split the debt 50 million yen with each other. However, things are not going to go as smoothly as before.

A source in the entertainment industry says as much.

Iseya has attracted many women with his sweet mask and sophisticated fashion. According to a person who knows Iseya

He has the aura of a celebrity. Even though he is not talking about anything important, when he speaks, you get the feeling that he is ahead of the times. The reason why all of his co-stars have been having affairs with him is because he has a unique atmosphere that other celebrities don’t have.

He is a man who has a unique atmosphere that other entertainers do not have.

When the incident caused a “backfire,” the media reported Iseya’s dating history using his real name, and actresses who had “relationships” with him suffered reputational damage.

In particular, the office of actress X, who belongs to a major company, was furious. Because of the incident, rumors of illegal drugs were spread even to her.

Because of this, the number of entertainment companies that will refuse to work with Iseya after her comeback is sure to increase. A person who knows Iseya, as mentioned above, said

No matter how careful you are, when you meet him, you will be carried away by the atmosphere. Then the only thing to do is to avoid meeting him.

Iseya is a very good actor, but he is not a good actor.

The only way to reverse this negative image is to increase his presence as an actor and continue contributing to society, which is his life’s work. Can Iseya regain his former vigor?

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