Not only “Ikumen of the Year” Kosei Inoue! The “Moms who did it wrong” who won the “Best Mother of the Year” award. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Not only “Ikumen of the Year” Kosei Inoue! The “Moms who did it wrong” who won the “Best Mother of the Year” award.

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Rurei Miura smiles after meeting with Danshun Tachikawa and others after watching rakugo on the evening of March 15.

On April 30, “Bunshun Online” reported that former Japan men’s national judo team coach Kosei Inoue (44) had secretly met with a married woman in her 30s at a hotel. According to the article, Inoue entered a hotel in Tokyo separately from the woman last October and went into their separate rooms, but five minutes later Inoue entered the woman’s room wearing a white bathrobe and a black belt, and did not come out for an hour. Inoue admitted that he entered the room but denied being unfaithful.

Inoue married Aki Higashihara (40) in 2008. As an athlete, he won a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and in 2009, as a coach, he led his team to a record five gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics. In his personal life, he has four children and is known as a “good husband” and “good father,” and was awarded “Ikumen of the Year” in 2004. For women, “Ikumen of the Year” award winners are quite a good impression. Therefore, the image of betrayal is even greater.

The fact that ryuchell (27), who announced her divorce last year, also won the “Best Mother of the Year” award in 2006 is still fresh in our minds, but when it comes to the “Best Mother of the Year” award, its history is long and its influence is even greater. This reminds us of the moms who have “made a mess” after receiving the “Best Mother Award.

One of the newest is Rurei Miura (42), who won the award in 2009. Even after Miura’s husband, Kiyoshi Miura of an investment company, was arrested on suspicion of business embezzlement, her unrestrained behavior and appearance were frequently reported, and this magazine witnessed a meeting at a high-class Japanese restaurant with rakugo storyteller Danchun Tachikawa (56) and others after a rakugo performance on the evening of March 29. Furthermore, shortly thereafter, on April 20, this magazine reported evidence of Miura’s “consulting contract of 3.85 million yen” with her husband’s company. There is still no explanation from Miura on this matter. Not only that, on May 7, Miura updated her Instagram. She posted a photo of herself and her daughter in kimono.

In the same year as Miura, Mariko Shinoda (37) also won the same award. The divorce started with the husband accusing Shinoda of adultery, but in the end both parties divorced amicably, saying that there was no such thing as adultery” (entertainment industry executive).

Furthermore, this magazine recently scooped “Makiko Esumi ‘was being sued by the prestigious international school her son attended! (May 12 and 19, 2011 issue), Makiko Esumi, 56, was also awarded the prize in 2010. Maki Goto (37) , akaGomaki,” received the award in 2005, but her affair was revealed in 2007. She admitted the affair on her blog and apologized. In the case of Hitomi Kuroki (62), the winner of the first award (’08), “Josei Seven” reported in ’12 that she had caused bullying problems at the school her eldest daughter attended, and all companies reported it. Initially, it was reported that she was the “daughter of a big-name actress” and Kuroki’s name was withheld, but later, when Kuroki’s name was reported, bashing ensued en masse.

The social responsibility of winning the “Best Mother Award” and the impact it has on the public are huge,” said Kuroki. After winning the award, they appear in more commercials and variety shows, and mothers who are struggling with child-rearing want to hear their stories. There is no doubt that they have betrayed their fans, even if it happened several years after receiving the award. They should be more aware of their position.

The girls should have taken the award more seriously.

Mariko Shinoda has been divorced amicably, but the allegations of adultery have been dispelled…
Makiko Esumi is in the middle of a bog trial.
Maki Goto married in 2003. It was four years later that she had an affair.
Hitomi Kuroki taking her daughter to and from school (March 18, ’16)
Yuko Ogura (39) divorced for the second time last July. Raising three children as a one-parent operation and passing university entrance exams is admirable, but…
Eriko Imai, 39, a member of the House of Councilors, and her “former lover” Ken Hashimoto
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