Keanu Reeves, who “broke into a stalker’s house six times,” showed “divine response” to a police officer who arrived at the scene after receiving a “false call. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keanu Reeves, who “broke into a stalker’s house six times,” showed “divine response” to a police officer who arrived at the scene after receiving a “false call.

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Keanu Reeves walking with his current girlfriend, Alexandra Grant

When an LAPD officer rushed to a designated Los Angeles home to investigate the safety of a female acquaintance, Keanu Reeves surprised the officer by coming out of the house.

At that time, Keanu showed a “divine response” to the policeman. The U.S. website “TMZ” reports.

According to the police, the caller was concerned about a 27-year-old female friend who had lost contact with her and asked the officer to check on her health. He gave specifics about his female friend, including her date of birth and even the type of car she was driving.

The police knocked on the front door about the home.

‘Is anyone there?’

And he said

He answered, “Umm, it’s me, …… Keanu.”

Keanu himself came out and surprised the officers. It was Keanu’s home, and he realized that the person who had called the police may have gotten the address wrong, or it was a prank.

The police told Keanu the purpose and circumstances of his visit, but Keanu told the officer that he had no knowledge of the woman in question and that he did not live with such a woman. Whether the caller’s knowledge of his friend’s address was wrong or it was a prank is unknown, but Keanu was very kind and friendly to the police officer, and his “God-fearing” attitude was said to be as “nice” as his reputation.

Speaking of Keanu, in January this year, a stalker man trespassed into her home six times. The man was trying to prove that he was related to Keanu, but the relationship was completely unrelated.

Keanu’s lawyer filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order to protect Keanu and his partner, artist Alexandra Grant, from the stalker, which was granted by the court.

Keanu’s partner, Alexandra, is an American visual artist who examines language and written text through painting, drawing, sculpture, video, and other media. She is currently based in Los Angeles.”

Meanwhile, “John Wick: Conscience,” the fourth installment of the hit series starring Keanu, was released in the U.S. on March 24 (local time) and was a huge hit, showing that the film is still popular. According to the U.S. box office website “Box Office Mojo,” the film was screened in 3,855 theaters in the U.S. and recorded $73,817,950 (approximately 9,798,590,000 yen) for the first three days of its opening weekend, topping the box office for the first time. The film also ranked fifth at the box office last weekend in its seventh week of release, recording a total of $108,056,266 (approx. 24,307,600,000 yen). The film will be released in Japan in September.

Keanu said

Keanu said, “It’s a great film! The characters are great and it’s a great movie experience with some of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen. All the training with the nunchucks and the driving was worth it!

Keanu also commented on his passion for the series, saying, “I’m very excited about coming to Japan. As for his visit to Japan

I hope I can make it!

He said he hopes to be able to visit Japan.

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