Minami Tanaka enjoys tremendous support, and Erina Arai is under fire… The former “Burikko” female announcer has a clear difference in “self-love” and desire for approval. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Minami Tanaka enjoys tremendous support, and Erina Arai is under fire… The former “Burikko” female announcer has a clear difference in “self-love” and desire for approval.

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Arai is active, playing soft tennis in junior high school and archery in high school. Photo taken in November ’21.

Minami Tanaka (36) and Erina Arai (33). Although they are both announcers from the same “burikko” character, there is a big difference between them. What did they discern and what did they misjudge?

Tanaka started out as a bureau announcer at TBS. She later became a freelance announcer and has been very active as an MC and actress. Arai, on the other hand, is a hard worker who got her big break as a freelance announcer after failing all the station’s announcer exams and working her way up through the ranks.

However, apart from these points, their backgrounds are very similar. Both were born in the United States. Tanaka spent her childhood in the U.S. and later entered Aoyama Gakuin University. Tanaka was runner-up in the “Miss Aoyama Contest” and Arai won the Miss Aoyama title.

Furthermore, the two have a definite similarity in their characters. As mentioned above, they are both “burikko.

They have no idea why they are under fire.

Tanaka, who is said to be “blasé,” but still has a strong following among women. Photo taken in June ’19.

However, while Tanaka is currently enjoying great popularity among women, Arai is under fire for her response to the announcement of her marriage and pregnancy. At one point, he was even forced to close the comment section of his Instagram. Although she soon reopened the comments section, most of the comments on social networking sites were critical, such as, “This person has no idea why she was under fire,” and “Her need for approval is too strong.

Why on earth couldn’t Arai become Tanaka? We were curious about the difference between the two, so we interviewed people familiar with the entertainment industry, including female TV announcers. One word that emerged was …….

The bottom line is that there is a difference in “self-love. In the case of Ms. Arai’s marriage announcement, her self-love is too strong. On the other hand, Ms. Tanaka seems to be very self-promotional, but in fact she is analyzing the needs of the world for herself.

As she once said, “I think the reason why I am popular among women is that I am 34 years old, single, and look a little unhappy,” she is only pushing out what the world wants. I get the impression that she has surprisingly little of the self-love of ‘accept me as I am’ (women’s magazine editor).

In contrast, Arai is …….

She is probably the type who wants people to acknowledge the parts of her that she wants to show. However, when “FLASH” published a scoop photo of her and her boyfriend in October of last year, she was angry and said, “It’s offensive,” but when it came time to announce her pregnancy and marriage, she went too far by making a flashy announcement on a TV show she was the MC of. It is natural to feel a little antagonistic when you ask people to acknowledge only the parts that are convenient for you and not to poke at the rest,” said a reporter for a weekly magazine.

On the other hand, I also heard this interesting analysis.

On the other hand, I heard this interesting analysis: “I think the big difference between the two is whether their main supporters are women or men. The two are different in that their main supporters are either women or men! Scramble” (TV Asahi), I have the impression that the key to a female TV announcer’s success these days is whether or not she has a strong following among women.

Ms. Tanaka is well received by women for her stoicism toward beauty and her strong sense of independence, such as when she gives men a hard time about their views on love. However, Ms. Tanaka was once ranked as the No. 1 female announcer that women disliked, and she had no support from women. However, with her natural intelligence and hard work, she has achieved the exact opposite of her current position.

I feel that Ms. Arai is similar to Ms. Tanaka in her smartness and hard work, so with a little bit of character presentation, she should be able to reverse the current flames in one fell swoop. She is one of the few female announcers with talent, so I hope she will do her best without misjudging the needs of the public.

Can she turn a pinch into an opportunity? Can she turn a pinch into an opportunity? Her true qualities as an announcer are being questioned.

Tanaka at the shooting of a drama in Tokyo in January 2007.
Tanaka walking with her dog in June ’19 in Tokyo.
Tanaka during the filming of a drama
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