The Hara administration is in danger of finishing last in its 17th year… Why “that man” who is being eyed as the next manager of the Giants is not turning his head. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Hara administration is in danger of finishing last in its 17th year… Why “that man” who is being eyed as the next manager of the Giants is not turning his head.

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Matsui, a Giants alumnus, threw out the first pitch at a Yakult game on May 3 (PHOTO: Jiji Press)

When I put on the Giants uniform, how will I contribute to the team? I want you to think about two things: improving your level and being loyal to the Giants, and do your best.

In the VTR recording of the pre-game pep talk to the Giants’ nine, the golden words of “that man” were left behind. It was the great Hideki Matsui, 48, who hit 507 home runs in Japan and the U.S. and won numerous titles, including three home run titles and three batting titles. Matsui, who is usually based in New York, came to Japan to participate in the first pitch of the May 3 game against Yakult.

It has been 10 years since Matsui threw out the first pitch at a Giants game since May 2001, when he and Shigeo Nagashima were presented with the National Honor Award at a game against Hiroshima. After the first pitch, he appeared as a commentator on NTV’s live broadcast of the game along with his former colleagues, including Yoshinobu Takahashi and Koji Uehara. He also said, “My hometown is the Giants.

The Giants have not fared well this season, suffering the league’s fastest losing streak of 10 games, and as of May 8, they were in danger of finishing in fifth place, a game behind sixth-place Chunichi and in danger of finishing in last place for the first time in 48 years. Matsui encouraged the players in the aforementioned VTR, saying, “We have only just begun, and there are still many games left to win.

This is the 17th year in total that Tatsunori Hara has been at the helm. Last season, the team began to slump, falling to the B class for the first time in five years, and there are calls within the team for a fresh start and a renewal of the atmosphere. Next season is the final year of Hara’s three-year contract. Various names are being discussed for the next manager.

Prepared to destroy the team” and “knocking on the devil’s door

The most likely candidate for the next manager after Hara is Shinnosuke Abe, the head coach and battery coach of the first team.

Mr. Abe is not very popular among the players. During the camp, he strongly encouraged the players to ‘be prepared to have a breakdown,’ and there are concerns about his Showa-esque character.

Daisuke Motoki, the first-team operations and infield defense coach, is one of the candidates, but like Abe, he is a hot-blooded man. He is famous for his “devil knocks,” which he continues to do even when the players are not happy. Yoshinobu Takahashi’s name has also been mentioned. However, the negative factor is that he became manager in the 2004 season with the intention of remaining active and missed three consecutive championships,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper.

It is difficult to narrow down the list of candidates to one that will satisfy both the players and fans. Matsui has long been a favorite.

Matsui has a good track record and a mild-mannered personality, and he is well-liked both inside and outside the team,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper. The Giants have often asked him to become manager, but he is unlikely to budge from his position. Recently, he has not been assigned as a temporary coach at the spring camp, which he used to participate in.

There are two main reasons for Matsui’s reluctance to accept the Giants’ offer of the coaching position.

One is that he is familiar with life in New York. Mr. Matsui lives in a luxury apartment in Manhattan, and he loves his life with his wife and young children. When he returns to Japan, he will be the center of media attention and his family will be restless. I believe that for Matsui-san, his family life has a higher priority than taking charge of the Giants.

Second, he is a special advisor to the GM of the Yankees. I am enthusiastically coaching young players in the minors.’ His relationship with the Giants, whom he called ‘traitors’ when he announced his challenge to the Majors in November 2002, has been restored, but he may not be satisfied with his appointment as manager.

Matsui wore the uniform with the number 55 on the first pitch on May 3. However, it seems that there are a number of hurdles to overcome before he can once again show his loyalty to the Giants, whom he calls “home.

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