The “victim” has already passed away… The “noise lady” who became a national topic 18 years ago is now dead. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “victim” has already passed away… The “noise lady” who became a national topic 18 years ago is now dead.

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Ms. A’s video at the time of the “Noise Auntie” commotion.

Noise problems are occurring all over Japan. In Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, noise complaints from nearby residents led to the decision to close Aokijima Amusement Park, a playground for children in a daycare center for schoolchildren, and work began on April 17 to remove the park’s playground equipment.

Many of you may remember an image of a middle-aged woman playing loud music on a CD boom box, banging a futon on the balcony, and barking in a devilish manner, “Move, move, move, move quickly, I’ll kick your ass! In April 2005, a housewife, Mrs. A, from Hiraguni-cho, Nara Prefecture, was the subject of a daily news program called “Noise Aunt.

It all started with a minor misunderstanding, but Ms. A’s harassment gradually escalated, and she was arrested on suspicion of inflicting sleeplessness and headaches on a woman living nearby. Video footage said to have been taken by the victim’s side was spread on the Internet, and Mr. A’s face became known to everyone. A variety show made a parody of the incident, and later a movie was made based on the incident.

The unprecedented neighbor trouble was finally settled in April 2007, when the Supreme Court handed down a sentence of one year and eight months in prison. However, Ms. A consistently maintained her stance that “it was not my fault. Eighteen years have passed since then, and we wondered if Mr. A’s mind has been quieted. We visited the site of the incident.

The town of Hiraguni-cho is located in the northwestern part of Nara. The residential area spread out on a hillside was surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere. A resident explained the current situation.

Actually, the wife who complained about the noise has already passed away. On the other hand, Mr. A is still living in the house. He has grown old, but he still has his strong face. However, he no longer makes the noises that he did before, and we have returned to our normal, peaceful lives.

Video footage of Ms. A released at the time of the riot

At the time of the incident, there was a wave of one-sided accusations against Mr. A. However, during the course of the trial, it became clear that Mr. A was mentally and physically exhausted from dealing with a family member suffering from an incurable disease. Some residents who knew about the situation expressed their sympathy.

Mr. A is not a bad person, but he has a temper,” said one resident. He is not a bad person, but he has a temper, and you never know what will trigger him or where he will turn on his anger. I try not to get involved with him as much as possible, and even if something is bothering me, I just watch him quietly. It is better for you to leave him alone.

How have you been spending your time since the incident? What do you think of the media who made a fuss about it? As I was putting the letter describing the purpose of the interview into the mailbox, I heard the sound of a TV set coming from the back of the house. It was the voice of TV Asahi announcer Yoko Oshita, reporting on The Japan Innovation Party’s success in the nationwide local elections, but the volume was so loud that neighbors might have warned her.

As I turned toward the sound leak, I saw a familiar face on the balcony. It was Mr. A. He was wearing a rough T-shirt and jersey pants, with his hair tied back. He looked thinner than before, but his atmosphere had not changed much.

I bowed politely and approached him, but he just stared at me and proceeded to dry the quilt in the sun without saying a word. He was silent, but his eyes conveyed hostility. Flinching at the force of the letter, I told him that I had posted it, and he turned his back on me. The next moment, he picked up a futon whacker and began to pound the Mickey Mouse comforter with all his might. A loud “bang, bang, bang” sound echoed through the quiet residential area.

He continued to beat the comforter for a minute. After a while, a police officer who had been summoned by Mr. A appeared. From this point on, Mr. A’s attitude changed drastically. When Mr. A came out of the doorway, he pointed at the reporter and complained to the police officer in a terrible manner, “He kept saying, ‘Come out, come out, come out. Of course, he did not say that. I’ll tear it up and throw it away.

The policeman said, “This is the situation, you should go home.

The police officer told him that he had no choice but to leave.

A resident of the area told us, “I saw Mr. A at the supermarket.

I see Mr. A at the supermarket and other places, but he doesn’t make eye contact with me even when I nod. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in interacting with anyone.

Three security cameras monitor the entrance and back of Mr. A’s house, which is located in a quiet residential area, and the front door is surrounded by barbed wire.

It was also revealed that Ms. A’s family members were suffering from incurable diseases
The current state of Mr. A’s home. He still lives in the same place.
The “victim” at the time has already passed away.
Aokijima amusement park. From the website of Hirokio Nunome, a member of the Nagano City Council
From the website of Nagano City regarding the abolition of Aokijima Amusement Park

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