How can they get along?” Akiko Wada and Sachiko Kobayashi’s long history of disagreement rekindled by the “Bukkake” comment. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

How can they get along?” Akiko Wada and Sachiko Kobayashi’s long history of disagreement rekindled by the “Bukkake” comment.

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The term “opinionated” in the entertainment industry is now a dead word…

I’m often told that I don’t get along with Sachiko Kobayashi…” Akiko Wada, 73, has been in the spotlight again for her inflammatory remarks on April 30.

Akiko Wada, 73, has been attracting attention for another comment that has added fuel to the fire. (TBS) on April 30, she touched on the subject of Sachiko Kobayashi (69), with whom she has long been rumored to be in disagreement. The program covered Akiko Wada, a member of the Nagano Prefectural Assembly with the same name as Wada.

Councilor Wada said,

In fact, I have a friend named Sachiko Kobayashi,” said Wada.

When she said that she and Ms. Kobayashi are good friends and that she is so close that she comes to support him in his election, Wada in the studio followed up on her opening statement,

Wada in the studio followed up with the following words: “We don’t see each other even once a year. How can they be bad friends? That’s what I wonder.

He then threw in a dig. SNS immediately responded to this statement,

I think the words of Kiyoko Suizenji, Shinichi Mori, and Sachiko Kobayashi are all true,” he said.

Akiko Wada vs. Seiko Matsuda also saw the same one-sided attack from Wada.

In addition to their disagreement, Wada’s comments were met with a flood of “appalled” comments, referring to his “feuds” with other celebrities besides Kobayashi.

Wada and Kobayashi’s disagreement is so well known in the music industry that it is said to have lasted for more than 30 years. It is hard to understand why he made such a comment, since we have not heard anything about a thaw or improvement in their relationship recently.

So what exactly was the feud between the two?

It is said that their disagreement first came to light in 1986 when a weekly magazine reported that Mr. Wada and Ms. Kobayashi were having a falling out. After that, Mr. Wada repeatedly criticized Ms. Kobayashi’s participation in the Kohaku White Festival, saying, “I don’t understand why she is chosen when she has no hit songs,” and “She is chosen only because of her costume. Ms. Kobayashi remained quiet about it, but in the 2000 Kohaku, she spoke out against Mr. Wada for the first time.

At the time, Kobayashi was well known for his flamboyant costumes and huge stage equipment known as the “Mega Series,” including “Mega Sachiko” for the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. The production period began immediately after the end of the previous year’s Kohaku, and was Kobayashi’s life’s work, with production costs running into the hundreds of millions of dollars. However, that year, Kobayashi,

“This is the last year I will wear flashy costumes.

Wada bit when Kobayashi announced his intention to “finish the flashy costumes this year. To a reporter covering Kohaku,

“What was all that talk about doing whatever it takes to entertain the audience?

Kobayashi was silent at this. Kobayashi could not remain silent. During the rehearsal for Kohaku, he asked Wada directly,

If you have something to say, say it directly to me.

If you have something to say, say it to me directly. At the press conference, he said, “I debuted first,

I made my debut first. There are things you can say and things you can’t say. It’s against the rules. (There is a bad tendency that people around me don’t complain about Wada, but it has nothing to do with me.

I have nothing to do with it,” he said.

Wada was quite upset by Kobayashi’s behavior. Criticisms that Wada expressed to the mass media were taken up by the media as the comments of an “opinionated person,” and there was certainly a tendency for the talent to understand this and just sit back and watch.

As was mentioned in the comments on SNS, Wada is also famous for his alleged disagreement with Seiko Matsuda (61). Wada mentioned this in “God Afternoon Akko no Ikaigen ni 1000 times” (Nippon Broadcasting System) in October ’20. He said that he did not dislike Seiko, but only dared to be sarcastic as a joke during talks at dinner shows and concerts,

She said, “You were dating Hiromi Go and cried so much (at the breakup press conference), but you got married right away…. I sang the English part of (Matsuda’s) “SWEET MEMORIES” at my own concerts and said, “Aren’t I better than Seiko Matsuda? I was saying that. That’s what I was saying.”

And so on. According to a person who knows Wada well,

In other words, Mr. Wada is not saying these things out of malice. He was just giving the media a story as a “sounding board. He says that the public is just saying that they don’t get along, but that he doesn’t dislike them. He says he doesn’t dislike them, so they don’t dislike him. He is completely missing the part about how the person to whom the comment is addressed feels about it.

Wada, too, is in need of an “update.

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