Takuya Kimura: “Such a work…” Fuji Television’s “Kyobo 0” struggles, which he himself foresaw, are still the reason for his “one and only” existence. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takuya Kimura: “Such a work…” Fuji Television’s “Kyobo 0” struggles, which he himself foresaw, are still the reason for his “one and only” existence.

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Takuya Kimura is struggling with the Tsuki 9 drama “Kyosho 0,” in which he stars. ……

Have you experienced Takuya Kimura?”

Sometimes this question pops up in the TV industry. It is mainly asked at drama production sites by the producer class of various stations or their higher-ranking personnel in asking directors and ADs at the front line of the scene about their careers.

There is no correct answer, but if the answer is “no,” the following words are usually followed by the answer: “Takuya Kimura is a front-line director.

Takuya Kimura’s work in the field will be an asset, so you should do it.”

The answer is that it is better to experience Takuya Kimura’s “professionalism” in the field firsthand. An entertainment industry insider echoed these words and continued as follows.

Kimura is amazing at everything, from creating roles to setting the mood on set. I don’t think there is a single co-star or staff member who doesn’t feel something when they see him work harder than anyone else, even though he is at the top of the entertainment world.

Kimura is famous for not going into his own dressing room on the set of a drama series, but instead takes up residence in the “front room,” a shared space closest to the studio.

Although the best dressing rooms are reserved for actors of Kimura’s stature, Kimura does not like to feel “special” and does not go into the dressing rooms. In a past drama series, “Hero” (Fuji TV), a billiard table was brought into the front room, and as a way to relax before and after filming, Kimura and his co-stars would play a game of pool with each other.

If you lost, you had to pay for the juice…” “We would bet on the outcome of the game. The aim was to deepen friendship among the co-stars.

A LINE group is also created for each drama. They probably don’t want their relationship to fade away when the drama ends. A sports newspaper reporter wrote

Kimura’s LINE friends number more than 1,000. He has more than 1,000 LINE friends. I saw 00 (the name of the movie) and it was great.

Kimura is a very popular actor in Japan.

The Fuji Television drama series in which Kimura plays the lead role, “Kazama Kimichika: Kyobo 0,” is having a tough time.

The drama was adapted from a well-received one-off drama and broadcast in Fuji’s signature “Tsuki 9” broadcast slot. The fifth episode aired on May 8 also failed to recover to 9.1%. The reasons for this are as follows

The demon instructor at the police academy played by Mr. Kimura is very strict and the overall tone is dark. It is hard to watch from Monday, the first day of the week.

Even in the story part, the audience was like, “What? Is there such a thing? There are also parts of the story that make you say, “What?

However, it was Kimura himself who anticipated this outcome more than anyone else.

At the completion of the film on April 3, he said about the possibility of “Kyobo” being made into a serial drama

I thought it would never happen.

I thought it would never happen,” he said. His next words were exactly what he “foresaw” for the current situation.

I had a personal opinion that unless the work itself had power, people would not enjoy watching it.

So, I had previously produced the first, second, and a special version of such a work on terrestrial TV at the beginning of the New Year, when everyone was relaxed and ready to start the new year, and to say, “Okay, let’s work hard this year in Corona, even though it’s going to be a tough year. I was given the opportunity to create something very punky. I honestly wondered, “Are you sure you want to do this? I honestly felt that I could do it.

Kimura also resisted the idea of doing such a work in April, when people start their new lives.

So, I think Fuji’s strategic mistake was also responsible for the low ratings. The drama is intended to be made into a series and even a movie, but if it continues to struggle, Kimura might say, “Wait a minute. He might say, “Wait a minute,” if the drama continues to struggle.

However, Kimura is showing his professionalism on set, as always.

On the first day of shooting, Kimura’s script was already in tatters. It was covered with red lines. He memorized not only his own lines, but also those of his co-stars. I have never seen an actor go to such lengths, except for Mr. Kimura.

The story is now entering the middle stage. The story is now in the middle of its run, and we would like to see a quick counterattack. ……

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