Fukuyama, who won the victory over Kim Tak,” and “Birth of a New Trend”: The “Brightness and Darkness of Each” in the Early Phase of Spring Dramas. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fukuyama, who won the victory over Kim Tak,” and “Birth of a New Trend”: The “Brightness and Darkness of Each” in the Early Phase of Spring Dramas.

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Surrounded by a large number of staff and extras, Kim Taku is on location for what appears to be a commercial shoot. The first Tsuki 9 drama in a long time, but it continues to struggle.

This year’s spring dramas are also a masterpiece lineup, with each station putting in a great deal of effort. Among them, “Kazama Kimura Kimochin -Kyobo 0-” (Fuji TV), starring Takuya Kimura (50), and “Last Man -An All-Blind Investigator” (TBS), starring Masaharu Fukuyama (54) and Yo Oizumi (50), both of whom play double roles. -(TBS), starring Masaharu Fukuyama (54) and Hiroshi Oizumi (50).

Fuji Television’s 65th anniversary special project, “Kazama Kochin – Kyobo 0” is a gorgeous work with a strong co-starring cast including Yui Aragaki (34), Takumi Kitamura (25), and Mai Shiraishi (30). On the other hand, “Sunday Gekijo” has a solid lineup of talented actors such as Ren Nagase (24) and Mio Imada (26) from “King & Prince”, Akira Terao (75), and Takaya Kamikawa (57), leaving no room for error. However, there is a clear divide between the two.

The average household rating for the first episode of “Kyobo 0” was 12.1%, but the third episode was 9.8% and the fourth episode was 9.6%, with the numbers worsening with each passing week. Despite the high expectations for Mr. Kimura, who has not starred in a Gekkan 9 series since the second series of “HERO” nine years ago, the numbers are not keeping up. On the other hand, “The Last Man” got off to a good start with an average household rating of 14.7% for the first episode, the highest rating for a commercial drama this year, and the second episode remained at a high level with 13.1%. It is clear from the results which of the two is the winner of the spring drama series,” said a TV magazine writer.

Oizumi arrived at the Shisui parking area on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway. He was on his way home from the location of the drama “The Last Man” and had what appeared to be a box lunch in his hand.

The two dramas have a splendid cast and a popular slot with many viewers, but why are they so different?

The two films have a lot in common in that they are both detective dramas, but the biggest difference is the way in which the lead actors are presented. Mr. Kimura in “Kyobo” doesn’t have many lines and doesn’t have many action scenes. This may have been perceived as “uninspired” by the viewers. On the contrary, Mr. Fukuyama’s role is one in which he actively goes out in the field and moves around. Since expectations were high for him to play the lead role, the degree of his activity was directly related to the ratings. Also, the two main actors of “The Last Man” appeared together in “All Star Thanksgiving Day” and many variety shows produced by the station. I think the amount of effort they put into promotion was one of the factors that made the difference between the two.

Amami continues to enjoy high popularity. Dramas in which she has starred also continue to do well.

Hidden in the shadows of these high-profile productions, some productions that have not received much attention are also achieving high viewer ratings. A person involved in the production company said, “Amami (Yuki) is a very popular actress.

Amami-san (Yuki, 55) stars in “Rationally Impossible: The Unraveling of Detective Ryoko Kamizuru” (Kantele/Fuji TV), which I think is good. It is a poignant entertainment piece about a unique detective, a former lawyer, who, together with her eccentric genius buddy, takes on an unlikely enemy in an unlikely way. The average initial household rating for the first episode was 9.3%, which is close to the first episode of the previous season’s “War of the Traps” starring Kusanagi (Go, 48). Amami herself still has a strong fan base from her Takarazuka days and support from the same sex, and Matsushita-san (Kohei, 36), who plays her partner, is also very popular among adult female viewers. We believe that the show will be able to maintain stable numbers.

There are other dark horses as well. A source at a production company continues.

A source at a production company continues, “The Thursday drama “Keiji to Kenji, Sometimes Hanzi,” starring Mr. Kiritani (Kenta, 43), will be broadcast on the TV Asahi network. (TV Asahi), starring Kiritani (Kenta, 43). The average household rating for the first episode was 8.4%, but the numbers have steadily increased to 9.1% for the second episode and 9.6% for the third episode.

What these two productions have in common is an awareness of the need to create a complete story. In recent years, with the rise of YouTube and TikTok, the habit of regularly watching dramas is waning among viewers. In such an environment, the ability to enjoy even single episodes is very significant. Another advantage is that both dramas are made in a “good versus evil” style, making it easy for viewers to understand the vertical plot of the story. This type of production will continue to be a trend in the future.

We will have to wait and see what will happen in this spring’s dramas to see if the smallest of the small can conquer the largest of the large.

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