Soap girls, koiken girls…not just host catchers. Teachers’ “Night Job Part-Time Work Case Files” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Soap girls, koiken girls…not just host catchers. Teachers’ “Night Job Part-Time Work Case Files”

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Why are teachers getting involved in “part-time night jobs”?

Another teacher who worked part-time at night has been arrested.

On February 11, a junior high school teacher in her 20s who was working part-time at a host club in Sakae, Nagoya, was arrested by Aichi Prefectural Police.

He was arrested on suspicion of violating the prefectural nuisance prevention ordinance by asking a female plainclothes police officer, “How do you like to host? The man was a part-time teacher at a public junior high school, teaching math 20 hours a week, and had been working at a host club near the site two to three times a week since August of last year. It seems that he had a yearning to be a host,’ said an investigator.

Recently, cases of women in their teens and twenties who are having trouble paying the host’s bills and entering the adult entertainment business have become a hot topic. If a teacher were to take on such a part-time job as a host, criticism would be inevitable. However, although hostesses are rare, there have been many cases in which teachers’ “part-time night jobs” have become a problem. Here are some examples.

In November 2009, a 28-year-old female teacher working in the infirmary of an elementary school in the Tama area of Tokyo was dismissed on disciplinary grounds for working at a soapland. The trigger was an anonymous e-mail sent to the Board of Education around April.

She said, “She had been working there several times a month since around February of ’20. The reason for this was that she wanted to save money to leave her parents’ home and live in Tokyo. When interviewed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the female teacher admitted to having sexual intercourse with a male client, which was classified as “prostitution. She was dismissed from her position on the grounds that she had engaged in inappropriate behavior both as a side job and as a teacher.

In November 2008, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. In November 2008, in the midst of the Corona disaster, a female teacher at a municipal elementary school in her 20s was arrested on suspicion of violating the Anti-Prostitution Law (waiting for and attracting customers) for “touting” to plainclothes police officers in Okubo Park, a so-called “kouen” or “kindergarten area” in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. In January of the following year, the woman’s charges were dropped, but in February she was again caught red-handed on the same charge; her second arrest was also dropped, but the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education announced in September that she had been dismissed from her position on disciplinary grounds.

When she was arrested, she was wearing revealing clothes and flashy makeup and blended in perfectly with the women standing around her. She did not look like a very elementary school teacher. In February of 2008, she started “koin joshi” (dating girls) after running up a debt of 3 million yen due to extravagant spending on her favorite underground idol’s activities and fashions. She said she was afraid to do it when the state of emergency was declared, but resumed in July of the same year, standing up two to three times a week. She stated that she did not remember how many times she had done it.

In October ’18, a female teacher (in her 20s) at an elementary school in Osaka Prefecture was suspended for three months for working at a fashion health club and receiving remuneration. She resigned on the same day. After receiving several anonymous phone calls from citizens, officials followed the teacher after she finished her work at the elementary school. When they saw her enter a brothel, they questioned her and she admitted to working part-time.

The female teacher had been working at the brothel one or two days a week after work and on weekends for six months since April, earning about 80,000 yen a month. She said that her motive for starting the part-time job was debt. At the time, the figure of “80,000 yen per month” was met with a number of surprised and unexpected responses on the Internet, such as, “Only 80,000 yen per month for working in the sex industry? The anonymous tip was also revealed.

This case was also discovered by an anonymous report. In May 2001, the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education suspended a female teacher in her 20s at a prefectural high school for six months for working at an on-site health club outside of work hours. In March, the prefectural board of education received an anonymous e-mail in which the teacher’s name, the name of the brothel, and even the name of the brothel were written. The teacher resigned on the same day as the punishment was announced.

She said that she chose the brothel as her part-time job because “I had debts,” and that “if I only dealt with certain customers, I would have a lot of customers. She said she chose the sex shop because ‘I had a debt, and I thought I only had to deal with certain customers, so I didn’t have to worry about many people seeing my face. In fact, she had an outstanding debt of about 2 million yen for the purchase of clothes and cosmetics by credit card, in addition to the repayment of a scholarship of 20,000 yen per month. However, even after she began working in the sex industry, her debts had hardly decreased, and it seems that she spent the money on entertainment.

According to the student, “She was very knowledgeable about beauty and had beautiful skin,” and “She always dressed young like a college student, wearing mini-skirts and so on. She was always dressed young like a college student, wearing mini-skirts. She talked a lot about her clothes,’ and it seems her reputation was not bad.

The senshi’s part-time night work is said to be surprisingly common. Part-time lecturers, in particular, are paid inexpensively for the long hours they work. The male teacher who worked at the host club mentioned at the beginning of this article had 20 classes a week, but because of the time required for preparation and other tasks, his take-home pay was said to be around 150,000 yen, even though his actual working hours were close to full-time. It is not unusual for part-time teachers themselves to have a second job, and it is not forbidden.

There have always been cases of female teachers secretly working in the sex industry. It is actually difficult for them to be discovered because they only deal with certain customers. It is very rare to be reported to the school. The risk of being discovered is much lower than that of “dating.

The teacher you know may also have a “night face.

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