The days of pole dancing are long gone… “Tutorial” Tokui Yoshimi’s “flabby stomach” is showing signs of a comeback. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The days of pole dancing are long gone… “Tutorial” Tokui Yoshimi’s “flabby stomach” is showing signs of a comeback.

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Tokui, who appears to have a slightly “flabby” stomach.

A man holding an Isetan bag in his right hand and a cell phone in his left, standing in a somewhat posed position with a vacant expression on his face. He is Yoshimi Tokui, 48, of “Tutorial” fame. Tokui appears to be waiting for someone in front of the NTV station in Shiodome, Minato-ku. Eventually, he puts his cell phone to his ear and scurries back and forth on the street with his eyes wide open. When a cab pulled up in front of him a short time later, he got in with a relieved look on his face.

However, with all due respect, his stomach looks a little “flabby”. Speaking of Tokui, he often shows his camping trips on his You Tube channel “Tokui video. His camping meals and scenes of him eating at restaurants on his travels have become popular.

The “Kojase-meshi,” or “complicated meals,” on the same channel is also very popular. He cooks what he wants to eat in his kitchen and eats it as much as he wants, and the fact that he doesn’t try to cut back on calories has been well-received by viewers. If he feels that he is gaining weight, he adjusts his eating time by taking some time off between meals, but there is no way that he does not gain weight even so.

In addition to camping, Tokui is known for his many hobbies, including motorcycles and home appliances, but in fact, another thing he can’t forget is pole dancing. In 2002, he cried at the “Tonight I’m going to try it – super tough part-time job! Tokui tried pole dancing for the first time in 2002 as part of a project called “Tonight I’m going to work extremely hard and weep!

In fact, this magazine also spotted Tokui attending a pole dancing class last November. From the window of the class, she was showing truly intense yet graceful movements, such as leveling her body against the pole and turning upside down. At that time, her stomach looked tight and sharp.

Last November, for the first time in three years, she appeared on “Ametalk! in November last year for the first time in three years, and her appearances on terrestrial television have increased considerably this year. In February of this year, he appeared in “Tozai Geinin! (TV Asahi) in February of this year, Tokui demonstrated his “troublesome character” and the studio burst into laughter! I don’t know what it is, but Tokui is back! and the audience applauded loudly. I think he is more delicious as a comedian with a “flabby belly” than as a stoic with a toned body. I think she will get more exposure from now on.

The opportunities to see the friendly Tokui, with his “chubby belly,” on terrestrial TV are sure to increase.

Tokui waits for the cab to arrive with an anxious look on his face.
Tokui training at a pole dancing class last November.
Tokui smiling during pole dancing training.
Tokui in November last year. At that time, she seemed to have a more relaxed stomach…
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