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Why Kuji Akiko will survive and become the second Tanaka Minami

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460,000 Instagram followers is one of the highest among announcers

On April 24, former Fuji Television announcer Kuji Akiko (28) updated her Instagram.

The Brooklyn Nets 2022-23 season is over! Thank you again for this season!

Kuji reported the end of the season of her husband, Yuta Watanabe (28) of the NBA’s Nets, with a two-shot report of the couple holding each other by the shoulders. The internet was filled with congratulations and praise for the two,

They asked, “Why do you want to leave? You would be more likable if you were taking care of Watanabe behind the scenes.”

“How insensitive of her to wear sandals on the basketball court.

and “how insensitive of her to wear sandals on the basketball court. There are a certain number of people who feel uncomfortable with Kuji’s daily Instagram and other activities.

Kuji left Fuji Television in April last year, married Watanabe in May, and moved to the United States. Since then, she has continued to share her celebrity lifestyle in New York on Instagram and in a series of articles in women’s magazines. Antagonists may see how she seems to be branding herself as the wife of an NBA player.

In fact, the April 11 broadcast of “Odoru, Sanma Goten! Sanma Goten! (NTV), “when the regular NBA season was in its climax, Kuji appeared as a guest on the program and was told by Sanma, “This is an important time, so why are you coming home?

He should go to the venue and cheer them on. Kuji countered, “It’s a big country,” but was easily defeated by the comment, “It’s closer than Japan.

Wives of athletes, such as Yumiko Fukushima, Ichiro’s wife, and Mai Satoda, Masahiro Tanaka’s wife, have a strong image of devoted support for their husbands without being visible. From this perspective, Kuji may seem strange to many people.

However, according to female TV announcer watchers, Kuji’s future as a freelancer is very bright because of her marriage to Watanabe.

Kuji was never the “undisputed ace” at Fuji Television, but she has one of the highest numbers of followers among female TV announcers on Instagram. Her presence as a fashion and model is popular among female fans. Of course, being married to Watanabe is a great advantage. Married life with a partner who is a world-class star will allow her to show a different lifestyle and fashion than the average person. The most successful bureau announcer who has gone freelance is Minami Tanaka. She has a strong sense of empathy and support from single women. In contrast, Kuji-san seems to be able to sell in a way that appeals to women who want to get married and women in their 30s who are married. Her chances of survival are high.”

It may not be long before she becomes the second Minami Tanaka.

Kuji a month before announcing her resignation. Her expression was somewhat gloomy.
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