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The Brutal Reality Behind the Hidden Child Report of Bad Boys’ Masaki Sada’s Quick Confession

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Comedy duo “Bad Boys” Sada fully admits to the “illegitimate child report”. What does his wife think? 

The “illegitimate child affair” of Masaki Sada of the comedy duo “Bad Boys” is causing a stir.

It all started with the May 1 issue of Bunshun Online. The article reported that Sada was having an affair with a woman in her 30s other than his wife, Ako, and that they had a child together.

When interviewed directly by a Bunshun reporter, Sada admitted to having an affair with Ms. A, and after taking a “breath” about their child, she revealed that the child was born in February of this year. He said he recognized the child.

Sada said that if he had not been interviewed by Bunshun

Sada said, “As a man, I decided to take the affair to my grave so as not to hurt my wife.

Sada said that he had intended to keep the matter hidden from the public at first. As for the future, he said, “I want to support both my wife and Mr. A.

“I want to support both of them.”

He also indicated that he would settle the financial part of the matter.

Later, on his YouTube channel, he also appeared in a white T-shirt and said, “I have a woman who is not in a relationship with me.

I had a woman with whom I was in a relationship. And I have a child with her that I recognize.

He reported. He apologized to his wife and her family in response to the article.

The hurt I caused to my wife is immeasurable and can never be forgiven with an apology.

He said he was sorry for what he had done to his wife and her family. He said he is in the process of discussing the future with his wife.

In April 2007, after 11 years of dating, he publicly proposed to his wife, a former high school classmate, on the TBS variety show “Switch! a TBS variety show, in April 2007. They have no children together.

Although some people appreciated Sada’s manly admission of the truth, there was a rush of booing at the way he treated his “scantily clad” wife. On the Internet, the following comments were made

Just because he showed his manhood does not mean he is forgiven.

I can’t help but feel pity for his wife.

I pity his wife.

Amidst all this, there is one part of the story that is of some concern. A person involved in a wide-ranging TV show said.

He is too easily confessing to a story that he will take with him to his grave. Aside from the affair, I think he was able to get away with the illegitimate child, given the circumstances of the interview.

On the day of the interview, Sada parked her car in front of Ms. A’s house and picked up Ms. A and her child. The destination was a shopping mall in Tokyo, where they met up with a male acquaintance of Sada’s. The four of them, including the child, went inside the mall. The four of them, including the child, went around the mall, and when they finished shopping, they got into a car and headed home. On the way home, only the acquaintance got out of the car. A reporter for a sports newspaper was puzzled.

The reporter said, “Since Ms. Sada was photographed frequently going to Mr. A’s apartment, it’s tough to say that she had an affair, but I think she could have made any number of excuses about the child, such as ‘It’s the child of a man I know.

Perhaps it is Mr. Sada’s character that “it is not manly to hide things,” but I cannot help but feel uncomfortable with the fact that he readily admits to the affair while saying that he will “take it to the grave.

The “ball” is now in the wife’s court, not Sada’s or Mr. A’s. As Sada says, “We are in the process of discussing it.” What kind of decision the wife makes in the future will change the lives of all the characters in the story. A reporter for a sports newspaper commented.

The sports newspaper reporter mentioned above said, “This may sound bad, but from the wife’s point of view, the current situation is as if she were saying, ‘If I step aside, the two of us and our child will be happy. It is too cruel.

He points out, It’s just too cruel. That is why he feels uncomfortable with Sada’s easy complete rejection of the marriage. In fact, there may be a complicated background.

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