Shiyou Hirano: “I was embarrassed to be called Oji-sama (prince)!” — The dilemma of being too talented. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shiyou Hirano: “I was embarrassed to be called Oji-sama (prince)!” — The dilemma of being too talented.

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The Countdown to Withdrawal Has Begun

Shiyoh Hirano (26), who is set to leave “King&Prince” on May 22, has caused a stir among some Johnny’s fans. In an interview with “TV Guide” published on May 19, Hirano talked about the time when his debut song “Cinderella Girl” was released in ’18. In it,

At the time, wherever I went, I was called ‘Oji-sama (prince),’ and to be honest, I was embarrassed and felt a sense of crisis. I wondered if I could handle it, even though I was the least aware that I was a “prince.”

(Laughs.)” This is a controversial statement. The social networking sites were filled with fans who were puzzled by the comment.

[Joon] You’re so rude to the younger guys who are aspiring to be a sparkling prince and are aiming to make their debut. Are you trying to crush those who look up to you and are trying their best to be you?

I can’t live with myself if they say the image of your precious debut song is embarrassing and critical, and all I can do is cheer you on.

But as for the latter part, “He himself is not aware that he is a ‘prince,'” Hirano has repeatedly made similar statements in the past.

In 2006, when King&Prince debuted, Fuji’s documentary program “Ride on Time” took a look behind the scenes. In the documentary, he said, “I’m not suited to be an idol,” and “I like singing and dancing because it’s fun, but that’s not enough for an idol. I’m not very good at saying heart-warming lines and so on. I’m not very good at it.

The single “Magic Touch” released in May 2009 was a dance number choreographed by Melvin Tim Timm, a world-famous dancer. At that time, Hirano said, “There were many people who used to call me ‘Oji-sama’ (prince), and we discussed how we wanted to dispel that in a good way.

As for why she released “Magic Touch,” Hirano said that she has been taking dance lessons once a week, but has not been able to find a place where she can make the most of them. Hirano’s desire to give a serious dance performance rather than being a glittering prince overlaps with her reason for leaving KINPRISE: “I wanted to go overseas. A reporter mentioned above said, “Hirano-kun’s performance on stage is very impressive.

Hirano’s use of his body in his stage performances and his physical ability, which he shows in variety shows, are outstanding. Hirano was originally a member of a local idol group in Nagoya, but Johnny’s recognized him and he joined the Kansai Johnny’s Jr. group without an audition. From there, he moved to Tokyo and became the top Johnny’s Jr. member and debuted on the national stage. The next step was the world. If he had stayed with Johnny’s all his life, he might have eventually become something like Kimutaku, but I think he is capable of an even wider range of activities than an idol.”

Hirano’s fans are overheated with theories that he will move to HYBE, the Korean entertainment agency to which BTS belongs, after he leaves KIMPRI. However, when he visited Seoul, Korea on location for a TV program, he greeted the fans with “Xie Xie” and made a series of natural comments such as “Surprisingly tall buildings exist,” which caused a firestorm in Korea. It was reported that he might not be able to join “HYBE.

Such naturalness seems to be his natural talent that makes him loved as a “prince.

At the location of “Kurosagi” in 2010
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