Nana Mori, who has two movies and a new commercial, says she no longer complains about her rivals | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nana Mori, who has two movies and a new commercial, says she no longer complains about her rivals

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Mori’s momentum continues to grow with movies and commercials. This year will be a year of renewed breakthrough.

After a turnaround from a poor showing, will this finally be the beginning of a full-fledged counterattack?

In the movie “Father of the Galactic Railroad,” which is currently in theaters, Nana Mori (21) is as strong a presence as Koji Yakusho (67) and Masaki Suda (30), who star in the movie, and will double as the lead in the movie “Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia” with actor Okudaira Okane (19), which will be released on June 23. She has also been selected as a new commercial character for Lotte’s “Sou” since this April, and is currently enjoying a booming career.

The desk clerk of a sports paper commented on her remarkable performance since the beginning of this year.

At the end of 2020, she suddenly became unaffiliated with her former agency, and at the beginning of the new year, she announced that she was transferring to her current agency. The sudden move was met with media reports that his mother, who was in charge of his management, had demanded a hefty salary, and the public was left with a negative image of him. I had the impression that media exposure had decreased completely, but I am amazed at the way they have been able to turn things around after overcoming such headwinds. Frankly speaking, I am amazed that she has managed to recover so well.

After the series of disturbances that led to a sharp decline in exposure, Mori turned his attention to music and other endeavors, but it was hard to deny the sense that he had lost his way. What was behind this resurgence? An entertainment industry insider asked.

A person involved in the entertainment industry said, “I think the presence of a rival is a big factor. It is Mone Kamihiraishi (25). She played the voice of the heroine in a film directed by Makoto Shinkai, and they are also close in age. In addition, they are singers and stage performers, so there are many similarities. The stage play “Spirited Away,” which created quite a stir last year when Kamishiraishi and Kanna Hashimoto (24) starred together in a double role, was recently announced for a second performance, and they are truly on the verge of stardom. Ms. Mori has always had a strong ambition to move up, so it is likely that she was inspired by Ms. Kamishiraishi’s success, which finally ignited her own desire to move up.

She is now devoting her energies to her art. An entertainment industry insider continues.

About a year ago, when she was feeling particularly helpless, she sometimes complained to her manager and the staff around her, but that seems to have calmed down. At that time, the office was struggling with management due to Mori’s whims, but we no longer hear such voices at all. I believe that the various headwinds and difficulties that I have faced, and the fact that I have reexamined myself, have led to significant growth in my inner self and my acting ability. I am now concentrating on each and every job in front of me and steadily making steps forward. If she continues to work hard at this rate, I am sure that she will rise to stardom once again.

After going through all kinds of hardships, Mori is now regaining her current vigor. The road to a full recovery is surely just around the corner.

In early March, Mori attended the completion report of the movie “Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia.” Onstage, she waved to the camera
She smiles with a microphone in hand. She and Okudaira Daikane, who also stars in the film, exchanged a few laughs with the press.
On this day, she took the stage wearing a fresh light blue top and bright red pants. Perhaps concerned about her unfamiliar outfit, she showed some concern about her pants on the way to the stage.
Mori getting off the stage. He left the venue with a smile on his face.
  • PHOTO Kazuhiko Nakamura

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