To “100 million yen fighter with at least one fight! After” the love affair between the charismatic fighter Takemoto and the “BOMBY GIRL” actress. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

To “100 million yen fighter with at least one fight! After” the love affair between the charismatic fighter Takemoto and the “BOMBY GIRL” actress.

The first half of 2011: A compilation of the scoop on the passionate love affair "After that".

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In early February, Takemoto leaves his apartment in the early afternoon of the day after Kawaguchi stayed overnight. He got into a courtesy car and headed for Roppongi.

It was in mid-February that we reported on the passionate love affair between Take-takeru (31), a former K-1 champion and a popular charismatic figure in the martial arts world, and Aoi Kawaguchi (24), an actress who has attracted attention as “too cute bomby girl” and is currently active in gravure and other media. The two met through a mutual acquaintance five or six years ago, and began dating about one or two months before this magazine’s report. The following is a review of the details based on the article distributed on February 17 (ages and titles in the article are current at the time of publication).

Around 3:00 p.m. in early February, when a major cold wave hit the archipelago, a petite woman stepped out of a luxury condominium in Tokyo. With large eyes and a round forehead, she is Aoi Kawaguchi, 24, an actress active in gravure and other media.

She was not at home, but at the apartment of former K-1 champion Takeson (31). Kawaguchi, who was dressed in rough clothes (sweatshirt and large sweatshirt) and got into a luxury foreign car, headed for the “K-1 Gym” in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. After training for about an hour at the K-1 gym, where Takeson was also active, Kawaguchi got back into the car with a refreshed look on his face and returned to Takeson’s apartment.

Kawaguchi had appeared in the variety show “Happiness! Bonby Girl” (Nippon Television Network) in 2008 and attracted attention as a “too cute bonby girl. Since then, she has also appeared in reality shows such as “Love and Wolves Can’t Fool You” (ABEMA), and her popularity among teenagers is strong. Recently, she has tried her hand at gravure, and in 2009 she became a K-1 supporter. She is an up-and-coming young actress.

Speaking of Takemoto, she fought the “fight of the century” against Tenshin Nasukawa in June last year, and after that, she announced a long-term rest. In fact, their relationship had been rumored among fans for about a month.

Kawaguchi’s live-streaming on SNS once showed Takeon’s championship belt on the screen. Since then, their relationship has been the focus of attention among fans of both fighters.

After the opening scene, Kawaguchi spent the night at Takezo’s apartment. After all, are the dating rumors true? ……

To confirm their relationship, this magazine directly interviewed Takezo when he returned from an event in the region.

–Friday. I would like to ask you about your relationship with Aoi Kawaguchi.

Aoi Kawaguchi: “Our hometowns were close, Tottori and Hyogo, so I was introduced to her about five or six years ago by a mutual acquaintance. But it was only recently that we started seeing each other often.

–Is it also recently that you entered into a relationship?

I don’t have a relationship with her. He comes to my house, but we haven’t reached that level of relationship yet.

–You are staying at Takezo’s apartment, though, right?

Yes, I do. We don’t get to see each other outside the house very often. For the past month or two, he has come to my place when I am busy, and sometimes he cooks for me or does my laundry. He has been very supportive.

–What kind of person is Ms. Kawaguchi to you?

She is a very strong girl with a strong core, even though she is a bit out of the ordinary at times. When I met her for the first time, she spoke very clearly. She is someone I trust very much.

–Did you go to K-1 Gym because of her influence?

No, it is not because of my influence, but because he became a K-1 supporter.

In contrast to his in-ring performance, he is a bit brusque.

Before getting into a romantic relationship, you have to build trust between people as human beings in order to fall in love with them. Kawaguchi-san and I are in the process of building that relationship.

–So, will you eventually develop a romantic relationship?

Please watch over us a little longer (laughs). Kawaguchi-san is a very important friend of mine, and he is very important to me, so I would like to slowly build a relationship of trust with him before we become like that.

–So you can’t declare a relationship here?

Yes, we are not in a relationship yet (laughs). If that happens, I will tell my fans from my own mouth. I will report it to Mr. Friday first!

–Thank you very much. Finally, can you tell us about your future plans?

After graduating from K-1, I would like to challenge myself overseas. I’m going to the U.S. for that training!”

With a fresh smile, Takemoto left.

When we asked Kawaguchi’s office for an interview, they replied, “We leave his private life to Kawaguchi himself, and we have heard from him that he is a good friend.

Takezaka continues to take on challenges, and Kawaguchi supports him devotedly. We are waiting for happy reports from both of them.

Taketon is now a “minimum 100 million yen” fighter per match! Kawaguchi is also doing very well!

In a direct interview with this magazine,

“From now on, I would like to challenge overseas.

The big news came in late March, when he told us that he would like to challenge overseas in the future. ABEMA, operated by CyberAgent, announced that it had concluded an exclusive PPV (pay-per-view) fighter contract with Takekoto. The company plans to pay a minimum guaranteed fee of 100 million yen per fight for each tournament distributed on its PPV platform, ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE, with additional compensation based on viewer ticket sales.

This makes Takemoto the first Japanese fighter to become a PPV fighter. Kawaguchi, a former “bomby girl,” may also be on the verge of becoming a “ball-buster” if she continues in this fashion, but in fact, Kawaguchi is also doing very well. The apparel brand for which she serves as creative director released three new items in March. She also recently made her debut as an actress in an original drama series on “Oru Oru Audrey” (TV Asahi). We look forward to the future of these two, who are doing very well thanks to their synergistic effects.

Kawaguchi enters Takeon’s apartment; Kawaguchi has been going to Takeon’s house for a month or two.
Kawaguchi leaves “K-1 Gym” and walks on the streets of Jiyugaoka. After this, he returned to his apartment in his car, which was a different color from that of Takeon.
Kawaguchi (center) stands as a presenter at the “K-1 AWARDS 2021” award ceremony.
Takezo (right) and Tatsuya Oiwa, who is active in K-1, walking in Roppongi. He seems to be introducing Kawaguchi to his friends.
Takeru was surprised but politely responded to a direct question. Regarding the championship belt shown in Kawaguchi’s delivery, he said, “It’s not a smell or anything, it’s an accident.”
A cut that has not been published in this magazine That popular TV personality who does the cooking and laundry at the home of charismatic martial artist, Takezaka! A direct interview with Take-takeru
A popular TV personality who does the cooking and laundry at the home of the charismatic martial artist, Takezaka! A direct interview with Taketaka
A cut never before published in this magazine That popular TV personality who does the cooking and laundry at the home of the charismatic martial artist, Takezaka! A direct interview with Take-takeru
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