Used Car Sales Company “Big Motor” Uncovered for Fraud, and Past Commercials Are Too “Good” for the Internet. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Used Car Sales Company “Big Motor” Uncovered for Fraud, and Past Commercials Are Too “Good” for the Internet.

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Big Motor”, the “leader” in the used car sales industry, was reported to have been accused of fraud. The company claims to offer high purchase prices, but …… (from its website)

On April 29, Friday magazine reported

The “scoop” of the pursuit! Shocking video of “Big Motor,” the “leader in the used car sales industry,” making holes in customers’ tires.

The news “Big Motor,” a used car sales company, has become a hot topic of conversation on the Internet.

A used car sales company, Big Motor, has been found to be involved in a series of fraudulent activities. The report said that the company intentionally punctured customers’ tires by sticking screws into them and charging them a labor fee, or lied about having replaced them with high-end model tires and made a profit from the difference with less expensive tires. In addition, the report also stated that the company had changed the oil in the car,

The customer’s name was “Tay,” and he had already changed the oil.

The report also included a screenshot of a line that advised, “You can keep the oil change. In some cases, unqualified staff members performed vehicle inspections.

The company is facing possible charges for insurance fraud and vehicle inspections by unqualified staff. The company will probably face some kind of punishment from the government. If this is left unchecked, the company will be held accountable in a variety of areas in the event of a fatality due to poor maintenance. Big Motor’s president has remained silent in response to this report, but some people are saying that he is being too irresponsible,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Hiroyuki Kaneshige, president and representative director of the company, stated on Big Motor’s website

We will continue to move forward, responding to the expectations of the many customers who need these cars with “intense effort.

He commented, “We will continue to move forward.

Customers would not expect unqualified staff to perform vehicle inspections and maintenance, or to not change the oil. I wonder if they were just making “intense efforts” in pursuit of their own profits. ……

In the midst of all this, a “past commercial” by Big Motor has become a hot topic on social networking sites.

In front of a person who has come to sell a used car, an appraiser slams the door, turns the steering wheel of a stationary car around, and moves the blinker violently. Furthermore, the assessor forcibly ripped off what looked like a hose under the hood.

I can’t get a high price for it,” he said.

he said. And then the actor who was appearing in the commercial at the time said

I have to choose a store before I sell my car. Big Motor!”

and the end of the commercial.

The content of the commercial seemed to foretell the future, and some could not hide their surprise. On the Internet, the following comments were made

“Big Motor is exactly like this!

It’s so “omainai” (Internet slang for “you don’t say that”).

(Editor’s note: Internet slang for “you don’t say that.”)” They ridiculed the boomerang situation.

Giichi Shirakawa, chairman of the Sompo Japan Insurance Association (SIA) and president of Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

As the head of the association, I will not allow fraudulent insurance claims to go unanswered. We will take a resolute stance in dealing with the matter.

He also condemned Big Motor.

In an article in the Sankei Shimbun in 2004

Big Motor, a major used car company, exchanged cash for sales results, a “practice” of store managers, and the company said there was nothing illegal about it.

The article reported that managers of dealerships that fell short of their quota targets had a practice of paying cash to managers who exceeded their quota targets.

It is absolutely unforgivable to force excessive quotas on employees and create “jobs” and “profits that should not have been there” through malicious alchemy. A full investigation is urgently needed.

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