The “Yakuza Summit” was held in Yokohama, where the “top 3 yakuza” gathered for a dinner party… “Surprising inside story | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Yakuza Summit” was held in Yokohama, where the “top 3 yakuza” gathered for a dinner party… “Surprising inside story

Inside Report In the midst of unbelievable tension...Young Yamaguchigumi VI President Seiji Takayama, Inagawa-kai President Kazuya Uchibori, and Sumiyoshi-kai President Shuji Ogawa

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Chairman Ogawa (left), Wakamasa Takayama (center), and Chairman Uchibori at the round table. At the end of the dinner party, there was a “photo time.

They will be arriving soon!

When a member of the Yamaguchigumi VI shouted this, the men’s expressions instantly tightened and the atmosphere at the site became tense.

One minute later, a white Alphard slowly entered the premises. As the gang members lined up around it bowed deeply, Seiji Takayama, a young Yamaguchigumi boss, got out of the car.

On April 12, a “dinner party” was held at “Inagawa Kaikan” in Yokohama, where the top three figures in the Yamaguchigumi, Inagawa-kai, and Sumiyoshi-kai, were all present: Seiji Takayama, the Yamaguchigumi VI leader; Kazuya Uchibori, the Inagawa-kai chairman; and Shuji Ogawa, the Sumiyoshi-kai chairman. A person who knows the inside story says.

The head of Yamaguchigumi VI, Shinobu Tsukasa, is a kind of a cloud person, so the young boss Takayama, who is in charge of the scene, was in attendance this time. After Waka-head Takayama arrived at around 11:30 a.m. and we had tea in a separate room, the ‘dinner meeting’ was held with just the three of us. I have no idea what the meal was about or what was said during the meal. However, I did hear some laughter from time to time, so I have no doubt that it was a friendly gathering.”

The dinner party ended around 1:00 p.m. Wakamasa Takayama and Chairman Ogawa left the Inagawa Kaikan in that order. After seeing them off, Chairman Uchibori met them for an interview,

We did it in Chinatown before, didn’t we? This is the second one! It was a friendly meeting. We had a very good time. Well, I have plans!

He said cheerfully.

The “previous meeting in Chinatown” refers to a “dinner party” held in a Chinese restaurant in Yokohama in September 2004, attended by the heads of the Yamaguchigumi VI, Inagawa-kai, and Sumiyoshi-kai. It was unprecedented for the heads of the three major organizations to meet in one place, and it was also called a “yakuza summit.

At the time, it was one year after the Yamaguchigumi split, and it is believed that the purpose was to pressure the Kobe Yamaguchigumi. Unlike then, however, there is not so much tension in the split war now.

What was the purpose of the “2nd Yakuza Summit? Journalist Shunichi Narita, who is well versed in the gang situation, reveals a surprising secret.

The organizer of the “dinner party” this time was probably Wakao Takayama,” he said. The Yamaguchigumi VI is highly interested in the incidents in which black market robbers and special fraud groups were arrested one after another in foreign countries. With the Violent Crime Control Law becoming increasingly strict these days, it is not surprising that the gang would be crushed if involved in such crimes. Nevertheless, the yakuza are also required to internationalize, and they must find a way to make a living overseas. At this dinner meeting, I believe that Wakao Takayama exchanged information on how to make a living overseas.

The number of crimes committed overseas, such as smuggling of gold and weapons and money laundering, is increasing rapidly. The yakuza, too, are being forced to globalize their activities.

Chairman Uchibori (center right) and Chairman Ogawa (center left) wait in front of the building.
When Wakao Takayama arrived, he greeted him with care and attention to his feet.

From the May 5, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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