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Security Expert Who is Frequently Featured on TV Programs Sends Obscene Emails to Married Women

He got into trouble with the police.

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Mr. Takahashi during a direct interview with FRIDAY in mid-April. It was a rainy day, but he seemed calm and responded to the interview for about 15 minutes.

Since the outbreak of the “war in Ukraine” last February, the “security expert” who has been actively commentating on the situation on TV programs seems to have been lax when it came to his own affairs. ……

I knew it was wrong, but I had romantic feelings for Mr. Sugio, so I complied with his obscene demands. I am shocked that he played with my feelings.

Ms. A, a married woman living in Gunma Prefecture, is a beautiful woman reminiscent of Erika Toda. She calls him “Sugio-san,” referring to Sugio Takahashi, 50, director of the Defense Policy Research Office at the National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense.

Takahashi graduated from the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University and earned a master’s degree from the same university before joining the National Institute for Defense Studies at the Ministry of Defense. He is now the director of the National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense, and is a popular figure in the media, wearing a blue shirt and yellow tie.

Although Mr. Takahashi has a wife and child, behind his back he is said to have become addicted to exchanging e-mails with Ms. A. Ms. A continues, “I was attracted by his intellectual appearance on TV.

I was attracted by his intellectual appearance on TV, and I posted my thoughts on the programs in which he appeared on Twitter and sent replies to his tweets. Then, last June, Sugio contacted me via direct message. It was a tweet expressing concern about my tweet in which I expressed my worries. I was very happy.

In an effort to let him know a little more about himself, Ms. A sent him a picture of her face and a picture of a lunch box she had made herself.

I sent him a selfie of me in a T-shirt at first, and he said, ‘I was so taken by your innocent atmosphere.’ I was so happy that I started sending him pictures of me dressed a little sexier. Sugio also said, “Maybe you could be a little more daring,” and “If you look that good, I’d like to see your body. …… It escalated more and more, and eventually I sent him obscene photos and videos. After that, he started asking me almost every day, ‘Do you have any pictures of you?’ I was very surprised. Even on the day of the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe last July, he said to me, ‘I don’t have any pictures of you today.

As you can see in the picture below, “I want to see…Mr. A’s chest.” In August, Takahashi even called her.

In August, Takahashi said, he even called her on the phone. When the signal was bad and the call was cut off, I was told, ‘You must have been so comfortable that you lost consciousness. I was also told, ‘You must have been too comfortable and passed out. After my first phone call, I started getting messages from him saying he wanted to meet me, but I knew he was married and I was afraid of Corona, so I was hesitant to meet him in person.

I had no desire to have an affair.

The correspondence continued, but in September their relationship came to an abrupt end.

We had a small argument in a message, and I tweeted about it. When Mr. Sugio saw that, he blocked my account, probably thinking it would be bad if the relationship was exposed. Now we are insulated.”

Even though they did not have a physical relationship, sending an obscene message to a married woman is too much for a person who belongs to a research institute of the Ministry of Defense.

This magazine directly interviewed Mr. Takahashi to confirm the facts. On his way home from shopping, Mr. Takahashi calmly replied, “I sent you a message (A-san’s message).

It is true that I sent a message to Mr. A and he responded to my message. However, she sent me a picture even though I had not said anything, and if I was even a little late in replying, she would send me messages saying that she did not like me or that I was cold. If I requested a photo or said I wanted to meet her, it was out of fear.

After I blocked her Twitter account, I started receiving messages on my PC e-mail that said things like, ‘If you don’t reply to me, I will die. I got scared and filed a stalker’s damage report with the police in October. I had no desire to have an affair. I am sorry for the way I have treated her. Anyway, I hope she can live in peace.

Later in the interview, Takahashi explained the circumstances to the reporter again by e-mail. While acknowledging the obscene exchange, he emphasized that Ms. A had led him on and that he was in a state of mind where he was afraid of offending her.

We hope that he will be careful about his ″security on social networking sites.

The National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense, to which Takahashi belongs, is celebrating its 71st anniversary this year. It is a national research institute for policy research of the Ministry of Defense
Message exchange between two people
Message exchange between two people
Message exchange between two people
Message exchange between two people
Exchanges of messages between two people
Direct message exchange between Mr. A and Mr. Takahashi on Twitter. Messages from Mr. Takahashi on the left and from Ms. A on the right. The top one is from last June, when Mr. Takahashi first contacted Ms. A.

From the May 5, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Toshikatsu Tanaka (1st photo) Jiji Press (2nd to 7th photos by Mr. Takahashi)

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