Happy” Celebration! Nozomi Sasaki “gave birth to her second child” This magazine saw her “devoted love” for her husband and “the future of Watanabe”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Happy” Celebration! Nozomi Sasaki “gave birth to her second child” This magazine saw her “devoted love” for her husband and “the future of Watanabe”.

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The couple has had a very tumultuous time, but the birth of their second child seems to be turning everything around

The other day, we gave birth to our second child. When I reported my pregnancy on Instagram, the comments from all of you who supported me were a great source of emotional support. Thank you so much. I am happy.”

On the 27th, Nozomi Sasaki (35) updated her Instagram to report the birth of her second child. She and her husband, Ken Watanabe (50) of the comedy duo Un-jash, got married in ’17, and their first child, a boy, was born in ’18. However, their lives changed drastically in 2008, when Watabe’s “multi-purpose affair was reported, just as both their work and family life were sailing smoothly. Even so, Sasaki did not abandon Watabe.

The biggest thing for her was probably the existence of her eldest son. She definitely didn’t divorce him because she was thinking of her children. And her personality was also a big factor. She has such a pretty face, but even when she was young, she was a woman full of “Han-ki” (laughs). (Laughs.) Her character would not have allowed her to abandon a man she once loved when he was on the precipice.

It was impossible for Watanabe not to feel indebted to Sasaki. While he was on leave, he devoted himself to child-rearing as an “ikumen, and this magazine witnessed him doing so on numerous occasions. Even today, the hurdles for Watabe to appear on terrestrial TV are high, but he is increasingly appearing as a teased character on YouTube and internet variety shows. The “Watabe times on AbemaTV’s “Chance no Jikan” (Time of Opportunity), where the comedy duo Chidori serves as MC, have been very well received, and the YouTube videos summarizing the whole process have all received an astounding number of views. Watanabe is making a slow but steady recovery. Still, he has been refusing to work late into the night for the sake of Sasaki, who is pregnant.

Watabe also updated her Instagram at the same time as Sasaki. She added a photo of her birth certificate,

The other day, my second child was born! Both mother and child are healthy.

He wrote with joy, “I am going to do it! For the sake of his devoted wife and two children, we hope that he will be able to deliver comedy this time around.

The two before the multi-purpose restroom fiasco
The two in the photo shoot
Sasaki’s smile is impressive as she seems to trust Watabe…
Sasaki holding the baby and Watanabe preparing water for the pet.
Mr. and Mrs. Watanabe heading to a popular cutlet restaurant. He is indeed a gourmet king, always choosing famous restaurants even with children!


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