Kill them all! …Gunning down a 5 year old girl, prisoner soldier murdered again after pardon, “Russian Military Company” unheard of barbaric act. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kill them all! …Gunning down a 5 year old girl, prisoner soldier murdered again after pardon, “Russian Military Company” unheard of barbaric act.

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Executives of the company gathered in front of the “Wagner” office (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)

In the battlefield, we kill everyone! No more prisoners of war!

Mr. Prigogine, founder of the Russian private military company “Wagner,” made this assertion in an audio release on social networking sites on April 23. Under international law, prisoners of war must not be harmed and must be given adequate protection. Therefore, Mr. Prigogine claimed that he would not take prisoners of war because it was not against the law, and that he would kill all enemy soldiers.

Wagner’s barbaric acts are being revealed one after another.

The company’s main soldiers are former convicts who have committed serious crimes such as murder and rape. Prykodin himself visited prisons and recruited thugs as soldiers.

He said, “The former convict soldiers will participate in fighting against Ukraine for six months, and if they return safely, they will be pardoned. A video released in January of this year showed a “Wagner” executive praising the returning ex-convicts, saying, “You guys have been on adrenaline for six months. You have used adrenaline for six months, so you won’t cause any incidents. Don’t drink too much alcohol. Don’t use drugs. No more rapes.

Annihilate the citizens of Dramaworld!

However, the advice of the officers does not seem to have helped their rehabilitation at all.

According to the Moscow Times, an independent Russian media outlet, a former prisoner-soldier who was pardoned in March of this year was arrested for murder in Kirov in the Middle East. The following April, another former prisoner-soldier killed a man with a severe brain injury in a pro-Russian-controlled area that has declared independence from Georgia. There has been a string of troubles.

This is not the only action that “Wagner” has been hearing about.

Former soldiers of “Wagner” interviewed by “Gulag Net,” a human rights organization that pursues corruption in Russia, revealed that they had massacred Ukrainian civilians. They killed a young girl of five to six years old by shooting her in the head with a gun. They also cleared out a basement where about 400 civilians, including about 40 children, had taken refuge. He also said that he killed the children with the hand that is now holding the cigarette. He said he could not disobey his superiors’ order to “annihilate all the civilians.

However, the former soldiers who confessed to the massacre retracted their statements a few days later when interviewed by the Russian news agency RIA-FAN. They said they were drunk and coerced into making false statements during interviews with human rights groups. The human rights group, on the other hand, denied that he was coerced into making the statement, claiming that it “proves how quickly voices critical of the authorities are suppressed in Russia.

The inhumane actions of Russia’s private military companies are being heard from inside and outside the country. The international community’s criticism of them is growing by the day.

  • PHOTO. Reuters/Afro

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