Finally, “the comment section is also closed”… The fatal wound caused by the “who-is-who” of Erina Arai’s “excited” marriage report. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Finally, “the comment section is also closed”… The fatal wound caused by the “who-is-who” of Erina Arai’s “excited” marriage report.

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Last year, Erina Arai was the No. 1 female TV personality in terms of the number of TV appearances. ……

The bashing hasn’t stopped.

On April 19, freelance announcer Erina Arai was forced to close the comment section of her Instagram. She described her feelings on the matter

I don’t have the strength, both physically and mentally, to endure such mindless comments, so I have decided to turn off comments.

She asked for the understanding of her followers.

The incident began with her announcement of her marriage to a civilian man and pregnancy on March 16. The next day, she appeared on “Good Morning” (TV Asahi), where she serves as MC! Morning” (TV Asahi), where she is the MC, the next day and her co-hosts were all over her to congratulate her. ……

Despite the happy “marriage by birth,” there was a lot of bashing on the Internet that could be described as “flames. When popular female announcers or actresses get married, their male fans sometimes comment that they are ‘too cute to hate,’ but this time the situation is very different. ……” (women’s magazine reporter).

One of the reasons for the backlash is said to be her “exuberant behavior” on the programs she has appeared on.

In “Good! Morning,” she showed two large panels of a portrait of her husband drawn by Arai. They even prepared a kusudama, and devoted more than 10 minutes of airtime to their wedding report, including the beginning of their relationship and their hobbies,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

NTV’s Mami Mizuto, who got married in March and is also the MC of the morning information program “ZIP!

However, her partner was popular actor Nakamura Rinya. It may have been a stretch to treat a civilian with a portrait of him in the same way.

In response to such Arai Announcer on the Internet,

Her husband is not a celebrity, but if he is so persistent about it, people will say so.

However, she has been the subject of a lot of backlash.

However, it seems that it is not only her “flirtatious behavior” on the program that has drawn the ire of the public.

Last fall, Arai was scooped by the weekly magazine “FLASH” for her two shots with this man. At that time, she posted on her SNS, “I am afraid that it was secretly photographed and written without my permission,” and “I feel very uncomfortable because there are many incorrect contents.

If there was no truth to the story, the result was that about six months later, she announced her marriage and pregnancy. Moreover, since she devoted a great deal of time to airing the news on her own TV program, some viewers and readers must have thought, “Who do you think you are?

The celebration of Arai’s marriage unexpectedly turned into a major bashing of her. Moreover, there were many harsh comments regarding the closing of the comment section.

He probably didn’t expect the bashing to be so severe. There was a discrepancy between the way he responded to the weekly magazine and the way he handled the situation on the TV program. The discrepancy between how she responded to the weekly magazine and how she handled it on the show was so great that it led to the current headwind.

Moreover, given the way she handled the situation, such as suddenly closing the comment section, it may be difficult for her to work on information programs and other programs dealing with news in the future. Although she is popular with “uncles,” such as big-name celebrities, she is not well-liked by the female viewers. But she is not well-liked by the female demographic to begin with, and this incident is likely to further lower her rating. In the highly competitive world of freelance TV announcing, it will be difficult for her to make up for this “loss.

In 2010, Arai ranked first among women in terms of the number of TV appearances. Will her reign continue in the future? ……

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