Next time I’ll go to Aragusuku Beach,” dismantled a hut! Confession of the “Illegal Occupant” of Miyakojima Beach | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Next time I’ll go to Aragusuku Beach,” dismantled a hut! Confession of the “Illegal Occupant” of Miyakojima Beach

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A man dismantling a beach house that was operating without a permit

About a 30-minute drive from the center of Miyako Island is “Nakanoshima Beach,” which is extremely popular for its high degree of transparency. However, there is a “beach house” operating a dirty business on this beautiful beach that is very popular among tourists.

Entrance fee is 1,000 yen per person from April 25.

On April 13, a man who owns the “beach house” at the entrance to Nakanoshima Beach received a flood of criticism for putting up a sign demanding an admission fee in scrawled letters. Images of the sign were spread one after another on SNS, including Twitter and Facebook, and were reported by the Tokyo media. The Miyakojima City Tourism Office received dozens of complaints from tourists every day.

The man who owned the store was drunk when he wrote the sign, and it seems he took it down the next day, on the 14th. But this time, Miyakojima City took action after the commotion. The city official verbally demanded that the “beach house” where the man rents snorkeling and other marine equipment and serves refreshments be removed from the premises and that the unauthorized operation be discontinued. In fact, this is not the first time Miyakojima City has issued administrative guidance. This was the third time since 2004,” said a TV station news reporter.

A resident of the Nakanoshima Beach area said, “Who the heck is this man?

A resident of Nakanoshima Beach said, “He started his marine equipment rental store and food and beverage service at Nakanoshima Beach about eight years ago. I also worked as a lifesaver, or …… security for bathers. It’s monitoring and alerting people. In the beginning, we didn’t have a hut, but before we knew it, it was built. I thought for sure that he got permission from Miyakojima City to start a beach house. I had a strong character and a caring nature, so I had some fans. ……”

The tourists who came to the beach were not well received.

He would yell at people playing in the ocean, ‘What are you doing, don’t go over there! He would yell at people playing in the ocean, ‘What are you doing, don’t go over there! Some people even demanded that a marine guide pay 300,000 yen for a place, or something.

Nakanoshima Beach can be seen in the back.

As the commotion grew, Tokyo TV stations also entered Miyakojima. When asked by a staff member of the “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji Television Network) program if he would continue his business, the man reiterated, “I will always continue.

The man said, “I will always continue. For a living, of course. It’s only natural.”

However, on April 21, the situation changed drastically when Miyakojima City sent him a written administrative guidance for the fourth time. On the following day, April 22, the man solemnly began dismantling the hut.

What kind of change of heart did he undergo? We interviewed the man directly.


The media just writes about it in a funny way! The media will just write about it in an amusing way.”

He said, “I’ll get you a chair.

-They had removed the hut, though.

‘The administration told me to do it, so I had no choice, you know. There are two huts, one white and one orange, and we took the white one down in one day. I was bleeding from the nose while I was doing it. It was sad to see the huts go. But I had to do it. I put a lot of effort into building the shacks by hand, and then something like this happened. …… It’s like I jumped in and blew myself up, hahaha!

The man is cheerful. But sometimes the man has a distant look in his eyes.

–He is said to have verbally abused a customer.

I’ve been told that I talked obscenely to him, but if the victim had complained, the police would have acted immediately, wouldn’t they? But they didn’t, did they? Everything in the article is a lie.

They say, “We won’t let you swim unless you pay 300,000 yen to the marine guide! or “Fat people don’t swim!” I don’t say such stupid things. I wouldn’t say such a thing, because it would be a matter of life and death because there would be fewer people coming to the beach.

Life jackets, fins, drinks, and other items were cleanly gone.

Once the shack is removed, you will no longer be able to operate, right?

Until April 28, we will leave the business to someone else to continue. But after that, we will have to consult with the government and come to an agreement. We may not be able to continue our business. It’s 50-50. If we can no longer operate here (Nakanoshima Beach), we may have to go to Aragusuku Beach (northeast of Miyako Island).

What do you think about the administration of Miyako Island?

I pay taxes to Miyako Island as a “store on Nakanoshima Beach,” but I cannot get a business permit. Isn’t that strange? But I really don’t want to say this because I would get into trouble with the government officials. I just don’t want to say it, I feel like I’m starting all over again by tearing down the shack.

The man is somewhat lovable. But I will say this. You can’t operate a gray business in front of the crystal clear ocean.

The man is in his 50s. There is a melancholy on his back. ……
  • Photography and text by Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    A young entertainment journalist who picks up stories in Nishi-Azabu, Moto-Azabu, Azabu-Juban, Shirokane, and other areas of Minato Ward, as well as Shinagawa, Awashima, and Sangenjaya. He also haunts the southern islands.

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