The “Second Satomi Ishihara”? Why Yuumi Kawai, who was discovered to be romantically involved with Sousuke Ikematsu, is attracting a lot of attention in the industry. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Second Satomi Ishihara”? Why Yuumi Kawai, who was discovered to be romantically involved with Sousuke Ikematsu, is attracting a lot of attention in the industry.

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As this is Kawai’s first drama in which he plays the lead role, he is said to be talking enthusiastically with the staff on the set. Sitting in a wheelchair is Maki Sakai.

Actor Sousuke Ikematsu (32), who is starring in the movie “Shin Kamen Rider,” currently in theaters, has been discovered to be in love. His partner is actress Kawai Yumi (22), who is 10 years younger than him. According to “Smart FLASH,” which reported this passionate love affair, Ikematsu “is strongly determined to get married and has told people around him that he will make his goal by the end of the year. This has caused an unexpected stir in the TV and movie industry.

After all, it’s with that Yumi Kawai,” said Ikematsu. She is the hottest actress in the industry right now. She first attracted attention in 2008 when she appeared in a commercial for “in jelly,” and from that time on, people were asking, ‘Who is that girl who looks like Satomi Ishihara? (A person related to a major advertising agency).

Ikematsu and Kawai first became acquainted when they co-starred in the movie “Just a Little Reminder,” which was released in 2010. In the movie, Ikematsu plays a former dancer who gave up his dream due to injury, and Kawai plays a college girl who has a crush on him. The film was shot on a tight two-week schedule, and the two did not have many opportunities to see each other. Nevertheless, Ikematsu fell in love with Kawai at first sight, and their relationship began as a result of her fierce charms.

What kind of actress is Yumi Kawai, whom Ikematsu fell in love with to such an extent?

Kawai’s debut was in February 2007, when she appeared in a music video for the rock band “a flood of circle,” just before she graduated from high school. She was very moved by the musical “A Chorus Line” when she was in high school, and after performing in a play with her class at the school festival in her senior year, she decided to become an actress. Her high school had an international studies department with courses in French, German, and Spanish, and Chiaki Horan is a graduate of the school, but just before she took the entrance exam, she switched her university choice to the College of Arts at Nihon University, where she could also study acting. People around her were surprised, of course, but she passed with flying colors. From that time on, I could see that he was determined to follow the path he had decided on for himself.

The first film in which he appeared was “YODOMINAKA, YAMANA” in 1919. In 2008, he played the lead role in “Transparent Country.

In ’21, she suddenly attracted attention by winning all the newcomer awards, including the Blue Ribbon Award for Best Newcomer and the Kinema Junpo Best Ten Award for Best New Actress, for “Yuuko no Tenbai” and “Summer Film ni nite.” In the three years from 2008 to last year, she appeared in a total of 17 films. Her sensitive acting and strong presence have made her a favorite among up-and-coming directors. Although many people may not be familiar with her on TV, she will finally be starring in her first TV drama in May in “Kazoku Dake Dakara Aiita Dake wa Kazoku wa Kazoku Datta” (NHK BS),” says a person involved in the movie industry.

Kawai on location

The magazine captured a scene from Kawai’s first starring role in a TV drama on location, on a shopping street in Motomachi, Yokohama, one afternoon in early February.

Kawai was seen wearing a large orange coat in a glass-walled accessory store. In front of the store sat Maki Sakai, 52, in a wheelchair. Kawai came outside, exchanged a word or two with Sakai, then unlocked her wheelchair and pushed her toward the main street of the shopping district. It was impressive to see Sakai’s smiling and calm expression as he was being pushed around in the wheelchair.

The original story is an essay written by writer Nami Kishida for “note” about her episodes with her mother, who uses a wheelchair, her younger brother, who has Down’s syndrome, and her father, a venture company owner who died when she was a child. It became popular for making people laugh, cry, and think, and was published in book form on “note” with 8 million PV in one year. It is NHK’s specialty to use young, hot young people. It may not be long before Ms. Kawai gets her big break.

After the drama is over in the summer, she will become even more successful and busy and may not be able to get married anymore.

Kawai on location
Kawai at the press conference
Kawai at the press conference
Kawai at the press conference
Kawai is expected to make a breakthrough
  • Photo by Yusuke Kondo Kazuhiko Nakamura

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