Ryota Yamasato, the New Face of Nippon TV, Spotted Practicing Driving Around Nippon TV Two Years After Getting His License. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryota Yamasato, the New Face of Nippon TV, Spotted Practicing Driving Around Nippon TV Two Years After Getting His License.

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Ryota Yamasato anxiously tries to get into the driver’s seat.

Ryota Yamasato (46) of the comedy duo Nankai Candies is now the new face of NTV. The drama “Dare but Passion is There,” which started on April 9, depicts the lives of Yamasato and Audrey’s Masayasu Wakabayashi (44), with Shintaro Morimoto (25) of SixTONES playing Yamasato, and the former “creepy character is completely sealed.

It was in mid-April that I spotted Yamazato on the street next to Nippon TV, his main battleground. Beside a red car parked on the street, Yamasato was listening to a staff member’s explanation with serious eyes. His forehead was already sweating profusely. His face is stiff and he looks quite nervous. After listening to the explanation, Yamasato got into the driver’s seat. Then the car started off slowly, circled around Nippon TV in an ultra-safe manner, and came back to the same position again.

What is this all about?

‘Actually, Mr. Yamasato, got his driver’s license two and a half years ago, but he is not very good at driving.’ In a talk show he appeared on in December 2021, when asked about an episode with his wife Yu Aoi (37), he even said, ‘My wife is a very good driver, so I feel like I’m still learning how to drive. He has always been a cautious person, but if he gets into an accident now, it would be a disaster, so I guess he has to be even more cautious than usual.”

It seems that he was “practicing driving” in front of Nippon TV with his staff.

As Yamazato says, Aoi’s driving is indeed very good. When she was single, he even went out of his way to get a license to drive a manual car from an automatic-only license in order to drive a classic large 4WD that was over 10 years old. In ’19, she was seen dashing around in a left-hand drive white Porsche.

After returning the car to the same position, Yamasato put his staff in the passenger seat and started again. He drove away in an ultra-safe manner, carefully changing lanes. From the looks of things, Aoi’s “lesson” is likely to continue.

His face is scrunched up while listening to the staff’s explanation.
I feel like I should stop driving just to be the face of Nippon TV.
Aoi smokes a cigarette in his beloved Porsche while heading to work (March 15, ’19 issue).
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