22-Year-Old College Student, “Ex-Gershey’s Gang,” Fiercely Reveals “The Secret and Fabricated Side of the Blackmail Business | FRIDAY DIGITAL

22-Year-Old College Student, “Ex-Gershey’s Gang,” Fiercely Reveals “The Secret and Fabricated Side of the Blackmail Business

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Mimitan, a former member of the “Garcy’s gang

First of all, let me say this clearly. The LINE communication between me and “crypto-asset girl” Kim Saya, who was exposed on YouTube and other media, and the LINE communication between me and my “dad” You-chan, who was exposed on YouTube and other media, concerning the 400 million yen robbery, are all fabrications. The exchange of lines between me and “crypto asset girl” Kim Saya regarding the 400 million yen robbery case, as well as the exchange of lines with my “daddy” Yu-chan, are all fabrications. Someone robbed my former boyfriend Motoki Masaoka’s parents’ house in late December last year, but as of November, my LINE account was frozen and unavailable for use, and it has not been restored. All my relatives know that I have not been using LINE for a long time.

However, the Gershey suspects claim that ‘I had two cell phones, so I can communicate on LINE. I don’t care how you look into it, but that is also a big lie. They know very well that it is difficult to prove that I do not have two cell phones, so they are taking advantage of that to create a malicious impression.

Think about it. Whether it is me, Kim, or You-chan, there is absolutely no merit in providing a line scrub to Gershie’s gang. They say that You-chan is ‘an anti-company person,’ and if that were the case, there is no way I would release it, even more so. Because they are too afraid of retaliation. On the other hand, it’s easy to fabricate a LINE. All you need is two phones. The Gershie gang can create an account in our name without our permission and make their own fictitious exchanges. They drive people away with their fabrications. That’s how they do it.”

The suspect, Yoshikazu Azumaya Yoshikazu, 51, aka Garcy, was criminally accused by actor Go Ayano, 41, and others, and a warrant was issued for his arrest on suspicion of violating the Violent Acts Punishment Law (habitual threats), defamation, etc. The “Garcy Cannon,” which has attacked numerous celebrities including Ayano, also targeted a 22-year-old female university student. The opening words are the angry voice of Minoka Sekiguchi, 22, a former gravure idol and current college student, known as “Mimitan.

Mimitan is a former boyfriend of Motoki Masaoka, who once appeared in a YouTube live-stream of the suspect Gershie, and the two used to live together in Dubai.

In addition to being a “former gravure idol,” Mimitan is also a “former number one cabaret girl in Kita-shinchi, Osaka,” a “businessman,” and a “Chinese SNS activist. Her relationship with Mr. Masaoka became the link between her and Gershie’s gang.

Shintaro Akita was the one who brought Gershie, who was literally on the street with huge debts from backroom casinos and being chased by the police for BTS fraud, to Dubai. Mr. Akita was a successful businessman in the solar power generation business and was known as the original Neo-Hills family, while Mr. Masaoka was like a goldfish to him. They both lived in Singapore before Dubai, and have been family friends since then.

At the time, Mr. Akita sheltered the suspect by having him work at Takahisa, a high-end Japanese restaurant in Dubai owned by his wife. With his idea, Gershie became an exposing YouTuber who shook the entertainment world, and it was Mr. Masaoka who was by Mr. Akita’s side at that very time. Masaoka-san was an information product marketer who had worked for businessman Tsubasa Yosawa, and because of his YouTube and SNS marketing skills, Akita-san introduced Masaoka-san to the Gershey suspect. Mr. Masaoka became an advisor to the suspect Gershey. Mr. Akita is only a producer. Mr. Masaoka was the director of “Exposed YouTuber Garcy” and the real commanding officer.”

A screenshot exposed by the Gershey gang as a “line exchange between Mimiton and Kim. Names of gang leaders and semi-gang organizations also appear.

Mr . Masaoka was in a position to give instructions to the staff of gaasy-ch, including Shunsuke Ikeda, the president of a video production company (arrested on April 14),” says Mimitan.

When gaasyy-ch was launched, the room used as the filming location was the room where Mr. Masaoka and I were living together. I had been in Cambodia on business since December 2021, and I remember being surprised when I returned to Dubai to find the Gershey suspect in my room. In one of the very early videos on Gaasy-ch, the suspect wrote the names of celebrities on a whiteboard and explained about each person, saying, “This person has an anecdote,” “This person is thorough,” etc. The room used in that video was the room where Masaoka-san and I lived. That whiteboard and the computer used by Gershie were both bought by Mr. Masaoka. He said, ‘It’s hard to get a buzz from just talking plainly. Mr. Masaoka advised Gershie to express his anger more, and that style was born.

With Mr. Masaoka (right). Both men admit that they had a mistress contract for 5 million yen per month.

In other words, Mimitan was part of Gershey’s crew, albeit indirectly. How did this turn around and become the target of Gershie’s guns?

“I had dinner at a pub in Dubai and was friends with the gaasyy gang for a while, but the situation changed when …… gaasyy-ch was banned (suspended). As they claimed on YouTube and other media, I had a mistress contract with Masaoka-san for 5 million yen per month. However, although I was receiving money, I was in love with him and there were talks of marriage. However, when gaasyy-ch, which was a major source of income, was banned last July, the payment of allowances from Mr. Masaoka became delayed. This is because Mr. Masaoka had earned one-third of the revenue from gaasyy-ch, and it was painful to see it reduced to zero. Mr. Masaoka, who was no longer able to pay his bills, continued to fail to pay them, and around November, he told me he was leaving me. He told me, ‘I’m going to get back together with my ex-wife. But I still liked him, so I had no hard feelings. When Masaoka’s BADGE project, a virtual currency, failed, and he was slammed as a “scammer! I even went on “Kore Kore Kore Channel” to defend Masaoka-san when his virtual currency BADGE project failed and he was slammed as a “fraud! I believed in him. ……

When Masaoka’s virtual currency, BADGE, failed to list on the stock exchange and the price of the coin plummeted, many people suffered losses. Investors and influencers such as “crypto-asset girl” Kane-chan, who helped with the promotion, were outraged, and a group of victims was formed.

Mimitan’s SNS also came under fire for defending Mr. Masaoka. In the midst of this, friends and relatives of investors who have been taking care of her since she was a high school student said, “Mr. Masaoka pulled money from me because of the BADGE affair. It was a huge amount of money, tens of millions of yen,” Mimitan said indignantly.

I was shocked because I trusted Mr. Masaoka. I was shocked because I believed in Mr. Masaoka,” said Mimitan indignantly. But the most I could do was to give them his phone number. …… Since we had only been living together in Dubai for less than a year, I had no idea where his parents lived or where he might stop by in Japan. When I was in trouble because my friends and relatives were unlikely to be able to recover the money they had paid, Mr. Masaoka began to make a fuss, saying, ‘My parents’ house was robbed in late December 2022. It was the 400 million yen robbery case I first told you about. And he named me as ‘Mimitan, the main culprit in this case.'”

On December 29 of last year, Masaoka’s family home in Suginami Ward was attacked by someone and a total of 400 million yen worth of cash, gold bars, and a USB terminal containing virtual currency were stolen.

Mr. Masaoka and other members of Gershie’s gang declared that Mimitan was the main culprit and exposed multiple LINE scans as proof. The screencaps she claimed at the beginning of this article were “fabricated” are those.

Masaoka appeared on the YouTube channel of Atsushi Hisazumi, an entrepreneur who temporarily worked with Gershie in Dubai, and made the claim that his ex-girlfriend, Mimitan, was the main culprit in the 400 million yen heist.

Suddenly, Mimitan was digitally tattooed as “the main suspect in the 400 million yen robbery” and her real name was also exposed. She says she is now being slandered by strangers and feels “in danger,” and her decision to be interviewed by FRIDAY Digital was based on her desire to “prove her innocence by telling her story in the naked.

Masaoka-san exposed an audio recording of “Mimitan crying and apologizing,” but that too was a fabrication. It was a completely different person. How is it possible for grown adults to get together with a 22-year-old female university student and slander her like this ……? I don’t think I can live in Japan anymore. I have made up my mind and told the police everything I know. Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 2 and the Ogikubo Police Station (which has jurisdiction over me) told me, ‘Just because you gave Mr. Masaoka’s phone number to someone else does not make you a robber. On the contrary, I asked if I could file a damage report for being treated as the main suspect in the robbery, but the detective stopped me, saying, ‘It’s difficult because we haven’t yet proven that you are not involved in the case. I plan to file a claim for damages against Mr. Masaoka and the suspect Gershey in the near future. It will take some time because I am staying abroad. …… Incidentally, Mr. Masaoka does not appear in a book titled “Villains” written by a former Asahi Shimbun reporter who closely followed the Gershey gang, but the detectives were aware of his existence and role.”

Using Instagram’s story function, Gershey allegedly cursed at Mimimi-chan. The “cyborg” is believed to refer to both Mimitan and Mr. Kim Saya.

Why did he delete his Twitter account where he had revealed his relationship with Mr. Masaoka?

I deleted it because I didn’t want to waste my time with this silly farce.

Mr. Masaoka claimed on YouTube that “Mimitan apologized (for her wrongdoing),” and published a message from Mimitan that he believed to be her apology.

I saw it. I saw it. It was a message I sent on another matter, but I cut out the parts that were convenient for me. Mr. Masaoka was thinking of making off with Gershie’s gang’s money when he left Dubai. He had made various plans, such as flying with the profits of Keita Tsuji’s salon, the head of EARTH Holdings, which he was helping to run, but it didn’t work out, so he said, ”I’m going to take the money and go to Dubai. I suggested, “Why don’t we set up a honey trap for Mr. Akita? I suggested. He can’t leave Japan because he has a warrant for his arrest for violation of the Passport Act. If you go back to Japan, I won’t be caught. It was true that I proposed the honey trap, so I just apologized for that, but I was not apologizing to Mr. Masaoka. Mr. Akita was good to me, but I tried to set him up with my own lover’s intentions. So I honestly apologized and said I was sorry. It was distressing to see Mr. Akita defending him, saying, ‘Masaoka-kun would never do such a thing (run away with earnings)’ (laughs).”

Gyasi, the suspect who attacked you, was issued an arrest warrant and an order to return his passport (which expired on April 13).

He said, “Aside from the arrest warrant, I think he is fine with having his passport revoked. The suspect Gershie would have had a double passport with the Dominican Republic, which he could legally obtain for about 10 million yen. It was all the rage in Dubai at the time.”

Gershey cried when his parents’ house was raided.

I think it was an example to the police. I think …… that if I had just been exposing celebrities, it might not have been so important. I was stopped by people around me, but then I became a member of the Diet, and I became conspicuous, and it was like the end of my luck. When I think back to the happy face of the suspect Gershie when he became a member of the Diet and was overjoyed at Mr. Akita’s mansion, I think that he had a tumultuous life. When we drank together at a tavern in Dubai, I thought, ‘He is not a bad person at heart,’ but there is no good end in sight for those who profit from conning others. I don’t think we need dark heroes in Congress.”

The truth is one thing. Whichever side of the argument is correct will eventually be exposed in the light of day by the investigating authorities.

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From Mimitan’s Instagram
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