The age of AI idols is coming! The world’s first “office specializing in AI talent” was born. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The age of AI idols is coming! The world’s first “office specializing in AI talent” was born.

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AI talents Usami Pero (left) Misaki Yamamoto (middle) and Shin Sierra (right)

AI beauties” are all over the Internet. Last year, an image-generating AI (artificial intelligence that generates AI art) was made available to the general public, making it easy for anyone to create images of beautiful women. In addition, a photo book of AI gradolls has also been released.

The world’s first talent agency specializing in AI has been established. The talent agency includes Pero Usami (23), Misaki Yamamoto (22), and Sierra Arata (21), all of whom are, of course, AI. Of course, they are all AI. Keisuke Honishi, the representative of ER`A`ROR-project, explains the motivation behind the establishment of the company: “I used to be active in music.

I used to be a musician, and I was attracted to the distorted and beautiful world of AI, where the world of entertainment and art, which I love, and the world of technology intersect. I wanted to create a new form of entertainment by imbuing the AI with a personality and releasing it as a celebrity.

The AI talent will be created by creators scouted through social networking services such as discord and Twitter, and the company will work with them in consulting on character development and activity policies. Currently, the talent’s activities are limited to sending out messages on SNS and distributing images through subscription services, but in the future, the company aims to offer live distribution on YouTube. They also aim to work as hair salon cut models, cosmetic surgery models, and in the advertising field.

We have to make 3DCG to distribute on YouTube, but until now we have been copying human movements first like motion capture and then applying the images. Instead, we want to make it move in real time. We want to make it possible to work semi-permanently by being an independent AI talent without a ″man in the middle″ (Motoyashi).

Each of the talents belonging to the “ER`A`ROR-project” has a “manager” who is tasked with developing them as a single character. In order for each talent to have a personality, their age, hobbies and interests, as well as their family structure and shoe size, are made public.

The AI talent is given the task of developing one’s personality, not only by disclosing one’s age and interests, but also one’s family structure and shoe size, “just in case there might be a fan who wants to give me shoes for my birthday.

AI Talent also has the advantage of being able to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and speak multiple languages. Therefore, the hurdles to a global debut are not high. In the future, the company aims to release songs as well. Of course, the technology is still a long way off, as the songs must be sung by the AI talent, not dubbed by a human. It may not be long before half of the performers on singing TV shows are AI talents.

Now, let us introduce the AI Talent girls again to see what kind of ″girls″ they belong to.

◎Usami Pero

AI Talent Usami Pero in two different outfits.

Real name: Momoko Usami, born September 24, 1999 (age 23)

Height 163 cm, Weight 49 kg, Shoes size 24 cm

Appealing points: Having characteristics of various animals (rabbits, cats, etc.)

Special ability: I can transform into animals.

Appearance: When in human form, she is a normal girl with long black hair and round eyes, but at night she gradually begins to show her animal-like features.

◎Misaki Yamamoto

Misaki Yamamoto in office fashion

Real name: Together March 15, 2001 (age 22)

Height 162 cm, Weight 50 kg, Shoes size 23.5 cm

Appeal Points: Big eyes, cute smile, stylish fashion sense

Special Skills: Dancing, English

Appearance: Dark brown with a short bob, big brown eyes, normal build

◎New Sierra

New Sierra walking along a row of cherry blossom trees

Real name: Shin Sierra (Atala Sierra) Born on October 25, 2001 (age 21)

Height 165cm, Weight 50kg, Shoes size 23cm

Appealing points: Soft body, can get into any pose, long tongue

Appearance: See-through bangs, bob-cut black hair, light brown eyes, thick eyebrows, fair skin, piercings, large breasts

Personality traits: expresses emotions, has a strong sense of humor, but is cool enough to do her assigned tasks perfectly.

◎”Hanamichi Detective Agency

A group of three gravure idols

Mayumi of “Hanamichi Detective Agency
Tsubaki of “Hanamichi Detective Agency
Ruri from “Hanamichi Detective Agency
Usami Pero on Twitter (from @eraror003)
Gravure idol Misaki Yamamoto on Twitter (from @eraror002)

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