“Are you talking about Hitoshi Matsumoto?” Ori Raji Atsuhiko Nakata challenged the “charisma of the entertainment world” by saying, “If you retire… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Are you talking about Hitoshi Matsumoto?” Ori Raji Atsuhiko Nakata challenged the “charisma of the entertainment world” by saying, “If you retire…

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Oriental Radio’s Atsuhiko Nakata makes provocative remarks about “charisma…

On April 20, Atsuhiko Nakata of the comedy duo Oriental Radio updated his YouTube channel “Nakata Atsuhiko’s Talk – NAKATA ATSUHIKO TALKS,

He posted a video saying, “At Mr. Kawamoto’s birthday party, I heard a certain rumor in the Yoshimoto comedians’ circle.

As the title of the video suggests, the first part of the video was posted the other day.

As the title of the video suggests, he talked about attending a birthday party for Junichi Kawamoto of “Tsugichochocho,” where many comedians including Hiroyuki Miyasako, Shinya Irie of “Karateka,” and Toshi of “Taka & Toshi” gathered and the party was a lot of fun.

Nakata was late for work, so he went to a small after-party with Toshi, Tetsu Kaneda of Hannya, and a few others.

There, they talked about rumors in the comedian world, and Nakata was asked about the truth behind the rumors about him.

It was a senior comedian with whom Nakata had collaborated before who said to a more senior comedian, “Why are you collaborating with Nakata?

He said, “Why are you collaborating with Nakata?

Nakata’s senior comedian, who had collaborated with him before, was “extremely pissed off” at him. It is said that this story has been the talk of the town among the comedians.

Nakata, who did not want to be named, spoke frankly about his feelings when he heard the news.

I was so happy,” he said. I wish I could have been more disgusted with it. Do you think I’m such an eyesore? Do you feel threatened by me? Are you afraid of me?

He provoked her. He continued.

When you think we’ve completely won, why don’t you just retire?

He even declared his retirement.

He also said that such rumors were circulating in the comedian world, which could only mean that a senior collaborator of Nakata had told others about him.

I feel that he is declining when people are talking about him. It means they are dissatisfied. It means that their centripetal force is declining.

He further provoked the big-name comedian.

The senior comedians who collaborate with Nakata are mainly Miyasako, Keiichi Yamamoto, and Chihara Jr. Mr. Miyasako and Mr. Yamamoto even do a YouTube show together, so it’s not like they’re collaborating now. If they do, it is speculated that it will be Mr. Junior. The comments section of the video is also very excited, with people saying that he is the only comedian in the world who can encourage Mr. Matsumoto.

In the past, Nakata-san was even snapped at by the president of Yoshimoto for making fun of Matsumoto-san as a “big-name comedian” on his blog, saying, “Apologize! Nakata was once snapped at by the president of Yoshimoto for making fun of Matsumoto as a “big-name comedian” on his blog. After that, he was dropped as a commentator on TV programs, and eventually left Yoshimoto Kogyo because he felt uncomfortable there. Nakata and Matsumoto have a history together.

Although it has not been confirmed that it is Matsumoto, there is a statement at the end of the video that “smells” like it. ……

He said, “Are you watching? You’re watching my video, aren’t you? I know you’re watching my videos. I know you’re interested in me, and I know you’re a fan of mine. I have a suggestion. Why don’t you join “Progress” (Nakata’s online salon)? I know, I know. As a “charismatic” person in the entertainment world, I can never join Nakata’s “Progress”. So I’m fine with changing my name.”

“Why don’t you join ‘Progress,’ where the ‘top comedian’ may also be a member?

They even used their seniors as a pretext for advertising.

It will be interesting to see if the “charismatic comedians” will respond to this mud-slinging battle.

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