Ishida Issei, who declared his marriage to his new girlfriend, talked about his “dream” as an actor. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ishida Issei, who declared his marriage to his new girlfriend, talked about his “dream” as an actor.

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Ishida Issei and his new girlfriend, a woman, at Narita Airport on April 16

Actor Ishida Issei (48) has a new girlfriend 12 years younger than him. In the interview, he talked about his current situation as an actor and his “dream” for the future.

It was on April 16 that this magazine caught a photo of Ishida and her new lover at Narita Airport. Ishida was going to Cebu Island to study abroad, and the woman who came to see him off was heading to the airport counter in a friendly manner. When I approached her after she had checked in, Ishida looked surprised for a moment, but then readily agreed to be interviewed. I asked her about her impression,

She said, “Not only is she beautiful, but she goes to my house every day and does all the cooking and cleaning. She even manages my schedule. At my age, it’s nice to be pampered by a woman.

She also said, “It’s nice to be pampered by a woman at my age,” she added, in a relaxed tone. As for his marriage?

If she will do it, I’ll do it right away. (holding out his hand to her) Please take care of her!

He was in a good mood from beginning to end. In fact, right after that, Ishida asked me, “Can we talk without her for a while?” Ishida asked me in his ear.

The reporter and Ishida went to the smoking room and had a conversation for about 20 minutes. There, they talked about their fears of being reported, the public’s reaction, their current situation, and their dreams for the future.

I know that people think I’m weird,” he said.

Is this okay?”

Ishida’s first words out of his mouth were the image that the public would have of him as a result of this article.

Just the other day (January), I broke up with my ex-girlfriend even though the article had just come out…. I feel uneasy if such an article is already published. I am sorry. I can’t really talk about these things in front of her. ….”

– “What the hell is this guy doing?” Or, “He’s creepy.” That might be the reaction you get.

I know that’s true. I know that people don’t think well of me. It’s like I went out in a flash when I was young, got caught with drugs right away, and never came out after that…. I tried to do various jobs as if I was holding on to them. When I lived in Kanazawa, I was unfamiliar with the city, but I did MC at a local bar for a fee of 20,000 yen. I trusted people easily and got cheated. I regret that it was all because I was naive. Still, I am grateful for the opportunity to be in the media in this way.

-Even if you don’t get a very good impression?

I think I can improve on that in the future. I think I can improve on that in the future. I will continue to appear in the media while doing my job as an actor. It is a time when it is necessary to keep in touch with the media. Any way I appear in the media is a motivation for me.

-Do you have any work as an actor now?

I am not working on TV or in any major media, but even I have a full schedule for the rest of the year (laughs). (Laughs.) I am studying abroad for a Vietnamese movie that will be cranked in July, and since it is an action movie, I need to work on my body as well. I am grateful that I receive quite a few job offers from overseas, including the Philippines, China, and Thailand. There are not many opportunities to see my plays in Japan, but if I could make my debut in Hollywood and then re-import it to Japan in the form of Japanese movies and TV dramas… that is still my dream.

-Do you have an ideal actor?

I have always admired Ken Ogata, and I want to act like him. My father (Junichi Ishida) says to me, “I want you to be an actor like Robert Duvall (whose representative works include “The Godfather” series), and I think you can become one if you work hard. I am grateful. I’m thin as well (laughs).

-What is your ultimate goal?

This is also my dream, but I want to be in Fuji Television’s Tsuki 9 and TBS dramas again, no matter what the role is. I would like to return to the drama series that have helped me so much. I want to return the favor. It’s really a dream, but I have a goal to get there, and she supports me mentally… I’ve never met anyone like her before, so now I’m in an environment where I can really concentrate on my work.

During the interview, Ishida repeatedly said, “I am an actor, after all,

During the interview, Ishida repeatedly said to herself, “I am an actor, so it is the best for my mental health to be seen by as many people as possible, no matter what form it takes.

He nodded his head as if saying to himself, “I am an actor, so it is the best for my mental health to be seen by as many people as possible. I hope that this time he will show solid results in both his professional and private life.

Ishida’s new girlfriend was taking good care of her, carrying her luggage and so on.
Immediately after this, he left me alone with a reporter and revealed his heart to me.
He praised her saying, “I have never met such a nice person before.
Ishida’s ″hotshot of a handsomeman″ (いしだ壱成のインスタグラム@issei_ishida.officialより)
Robert Duvall in the image? Ishida’s good-looking uncle” photo (いしだ壱成のインスタグラム@issei_ishida.officialより)
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