Hiroyuki’s “Sympathetic Comment” on Kimura Suspect in “Attack on Prime Minister Kishida” Controversial: “He’s Just Blaming Society and Politics. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki’s “Sympathetic Comment” on Kimura Suspect in “Attack on Prime Minister Kishida” Controversial: “He’s Just Blaming Society and Politics.

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Hiroyuki mentions the Kishida attacker

Ryuji Kimura, an unemployed suspect, was arrested on suspicion of obstruction of business in connection with an incident in which an explosive device was thrown during a speech in support of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s election in Wakayama Prefecture. Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” has been talking about his sympathetic view of the suspect.

On April 19, Hiroyuki took to Twitter to express his sympathy for the Sankei Shimbun’s

The Sankei Shimbun article quoted the following statement: “Suspect Kimura, dissatisfied with current politics, claims in lawsuit that he was elected with the Unification Church’s organizational votes.

The article quoted the Sankei Shimbun as saying, “Kimura suspect dissatisfied with current politics?

Kimura tried to run for the upper house of the Diet last July, but was unable to do so because he did not meet the requirement of being over 30 years of age to be eligible for election and because he could not prepare a deposit of 3 million yen. He filed a lawsuit against the government claiming that his candidacy violated the Constitution, which stipulates “equality under the law,” and demanded 100,000 yen in damages.

In November last year, the Kobe District Court dismissed the suit, ruling that the age requirement and the deposit fee system were reasonable. Kimura appealed the case and is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Kimura said he filed the lawsuit in person, without an attorney. According to the court record,

According to the court record, “Existing politicians have been elected with the votes of the (former) Unification Church, even without the confidence of the people, and have continued to unfairly monopolize profits and inflict damage on the people.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the election system and the current political situation. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with Abe’s state funeral.

The Kishida Cabinet, in the face of public opposition, forced the late Shinzo Abe to have a state funeral only by a Cabinet decision, without a hearing in the Diet. Such a challenge to democracy must not be tolerated.

The “Kyoiku” is a criticism of the government’s decision to allow the burial of the three Japanese nationals.

In response, Hiroyuki took to Twitter,

《Kimura suspect in the attack on Prime Minister Kishida. Dissatisfied with the current political situation, he claims in his lawsuit that he was “elected with the organizational votes of the Unification Church. If this is the result of his attempt to improve society in his own way, the problem may be that those who are dissatisfied with the current situation have no proper place to direct their energy and energy. I don’t feel that society will improve even if I work.

Kimura’s personal opinion on the inner life of the suspect was expressed in the following words.

In response to this, an ordinary user commented

I personally think that this person is just blaming society and politics for the fact that his life is not going well.

I think this tweet by Hiroyuki, who has a large number of followers, is dangerous. It could spawn copycats.

The tweet is controversial on the Internet and in other places.

The suspect is believed to have attended a briefing session of his hometown Kawanishi City Council. He was asked about the remuneration of city council members and was told that the law should be revised to allow him to run for office, but he said that he was not told about any policies.

A closer examination of his statements leads us to believe that he was running for office for “money” rather than to make the world a better place. He may have resented the incumbent politician because he couldn’t run for office even though he wanted the money right now. To top it all off, he threw a bomb at the incumbent politician.

The explosives prepared by Kimura were said to have caused scratches and holes in places as far as 40 to 50 meters away.

A person who commits a crime alone out of desperation and with nothing to lose is sometimes called an “invincible person” or a “lone offender,” and it is fortunate that no one was killed in Kimura’s barbaric act. Please visit …….

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