Miss iD Grand Prix “Shizu Mizuno’s” “Kindness and Humanity” is now on sale… “Commitment” in her first collection of essays. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miss iD Grand Prix “Shizu Mizuno’s” “Kindness and Humanity” is now on sale… “Commitment” in her first collection of essays.

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Mr. Mizuno’s sense of word choice shines through. The power of his ideas is based on his belief that “words have gravity.

Why do we go on a diet?
“The unreasonable complaints received in social networking messages.
Or the useful information that is often spread on Twitter.

A mysterious philosophy book titled “Kindness and Humanity,” which seriously considers the “fundamental problems” hidden in such trivial events in our daily lives, has been released.

Its author is Shizu Mizuno. Shizu Mizuno won the grand prix in “Miss iD” in 2003, an audition “to discover role models of various girls who will survive in the new era, regardless of their looks or genres. She is currently an illustrator, editor-in-chief of “imaginary” magazine, and a widely active artist.

Mizuno’s decision to release “Kindness and Humanity” was triggered by the article “Mizuno Shizu’s Talking Daedalus,” which Mizuno has been writing serially on her notebook site.

I thought it would be interesting to edit and compile it, and since it was related to Miss iD, I consulted with Kodansha, who introduced me to Mr. Ueda (the editor in charge).

The manuscript was completed by reorganizing parts of “Mizuno Shizu’s Talking Daedalus,” a popular serial on note, and adding some new material. Working with popular book designer Shin Sobue, he also paid close attention to the design, making reference to Yukio Mishima’s “Immoral Education Course” (Chuokoron-sha) to make it easy to read and persuasive.

When we first discussed the design, we said we wanted it to look like the hardcover of Yukio Mishima’s “Lectures on Immoral Education” (Chuokoron-sha). The two columns with a wide opening at the end make it easy to read, and the margins are clean and tight, which is really cool. We all thought it was a good idea to make it like this, but hardcover books of that era were very high-spirited…. It was very difficult to aim for that level of book because the level was too high (laughs). I am grateful to Mr. Sobue for reading the manuscript and being so particular about the font.

The Kindness of Humanity” is also filled with many other details. During the interview, she was thinking hard to make sure that her words would be conveyed correctly to others, and it was clear that she values her words.

We invite you to experience the “Mizuno World” once with “Kindness and Humanity,” which incorporates her unique worldview.

To purchase a copy of “Kindness and Humanity” written by Shizu Mizuno, click here!

Ms. Mizuno politely answered the reporter’s questions.
Mizuno says she has already started writing her next book.
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