Elon Musk reveals how to get more followers on Twitter! Doing “that thing” is dozens of times more effective! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Elon Musk reveals how to get more followers on Twitter! Doing “that thing” is dozens of times more effective!

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The “algorithm of the recommendation display function” has been made public through open source… Six months after the acquisition, is it safe to continue using Twitter as it is?

Twitter has been a topic of conversation ever since its acquisition by Elon Musk, and now Twitter has revealed a way to increase the number of followers by getting buzz, that is, by having tweets appear in recommendations, directly from Twitter, the company that manages the site.

This method of increasing followers was found in the source code released by Twitter on March 31 for the purpose of “increasing transparency. The source code contains a scoring algorithm that makes it easier for tweets to appear as recommendations, and it turns out that the score varies more depending on the reactions of other users than on the content of the post.

What kind of tweets will grow? Let us explain in detail.

Six months after the acquisition, can Twitter continue to be used as it is? (PHOTO: AFRO)

Replying to a reply increases your score 75 times!

The changes in score according to the actions of other users who viewed the tweet are as follows.

  • Liked: +0.5
  • Retweeted: +1
  • Posting an image or video: +2
  • Replies or Likes after opening a tweet with a tap: +11
  • Stayed for more than 2 minutes after opening a tweet with a tap: +11
  • Replied to or liked a tweet after checking profile: +12
  • Replied to a tweet: +27
  • Replied to that “Reply” by the poster: +75
  • Reported as “not interested in this tweet”: -74
  • Blocked or muted: -74
  • Reported with “Report Tweet”: -369
  • Score halved after 6 hours from the tweet

In a written explanation, if you post an image or video and other users stay for more than 2 minutes, or if you receive a “like” or “reply” from them, your score will increase even more, and if you reply to the “reply” you receive, your score will increase to +75.

On the other hand, if you are “not interested in this tweet,” “blocked,” or “muted,” your score will be reduced to -74, and if you are reported as a problematic tweet in the “Report Tweet” section, your score will be significantly reduced to -369.

The scoring algorithm suggests that Twitter values users who are willing to interact with other users more highly.

The scoring algorithm seems to indicate that Twitter values users who try to interact with other users more (PHOTO: AFLO)

Replying to tweets all the time is not the way to grow.

So, it is not so easy to say that if you reply to every tweet that you receive a “reply,” you will grow. The reason is that 750 tweets are selected from among the followers and 750 tweets are selected from among the non-followers, and then the tweets are sorted according to scores.

In other words, if Twitter does not recognize that a tweet is worthy of being displayed as a recommendation at the initial selection process, there is no point in increasing the score.

According to the algorithm, tweets that are displayed as recommendations are selected from accounts that Twitter has identified as having similar tastes and interests to those of the person being displayed.

For example, a comic book lover would be selected by a comic book author or an account of similar comic book lovers, a business person would be selected by a salesperson or a self-help account, a cooking lover would be selected by a recipe account, and so on.

Therefore, simply earning a tweet score will only turn tweets around within a follower. In order to appear in other users’ recommendations, it is first necessary to develop your account so that Twitter can understand what kind of genre your account is in.

If you simply say, “If I just reply to all the tweets I get, it will grow, right? If you simply act like this, you will be wasting your time.

Where is Twitter going?

Personally, however, I don’t see the need to go to such lengths with Twitter. I have to wonder.

If you are doing it as a business, maybe, but for the average user, it would be better to enjoy Twitter by tweeting as you like. There is also a concern about how long Twitter (which seems to be X company now) will be able to continue to provide the service.

According to the latest announcement by Elon Musk, he has been able to bring Twitter’s profitability to around tontine, but there are persistent voices overseas crying for an exit from Twitter. In particular, the recent announcement by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey of a decentralized social networking service called “Bluesky” has become a hot topic, and early adopters, such as those who started with Twitter in the early days, have quickly joined and are enjoying the new social networking service.

If the transition begins in earnest, the number of followers earned on Twitter will become less and less valuable. I just hope that people will enjoy tweeting about unimportant things and not get too carried away with the numbers.

  • Reporting and writing Shuji Shinohara

    Shuji Shinohara was born in 1983 and currently lives in Fukuoka Prefecture. Since 2007, he has been working as a freelance writer specializing in verifying inflammatory incidents and false rumors mainly on the Internet.

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